Thursday, October 11, 2012

From LA Examiner: Zach Roerig Talks 'The Vampire Diaries'; Kristin Kreuk Previews 'Beauty and the Beast'; 'Mockingbird Lane' To Air on NBC As Halloween Special...

The Vampire Diaries’ Matt (Zach Roerig) has always been one of those characters we’ve clung to because he was really one of the only ties to the normal, human community in a crazy world. Yet, at the same time, we couldn’t help but wonder why he’d stick around Mystic Falls when he really had no family left, and all of his friends were dealing with darkness that proved to be too dangerous for mere mortals time and again. In the fourth season, though, Matt is proving himself quite the key—not only for Elena (Nina Dobrev) but also for her brother Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). And as the season unfolds, Roerig previewed that Matt comes into play in a number of new ways... [MORE]

It's no secret that the pilot of Beauty and the Beast left a lot to be desired, but it attracted such great talent that we had to figure there was just something we were missing. Maybe it's a show that just needed some time to find its footing and settle into its tone. So we caught up with its star Kristin Kreuk in Los Angeles to get a sense of what's to come... [MORE]

"NBC to air Mockingbird Lane as part of Fright Night programming"

Mockingbird Lane, a new telling of the classic comedy The Munsters, is getting very special treatment for its special hour long pilot: it will air in just a few weeks, as a stand-alone special, for part of NBC's "Fright Night" programming... [MORE]

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