Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not 'Sorry!'; I Still Love 'The Carol Burnett Show'...

There was nothing that made me laugh harder when I was a kid than the Mama's Family sketch on The Carol Burnett Show. Actually, specifically, it was the particular instance in which the family was sitting around playing Sorry! 

I wasn't born when The Carol Burnett Show first started airing. I only caught clips on reunion specials or other network compilations produced years later to capitalize on the show's original success. Therefore, I never actually saw the full versions of sketches until much later, when I started to collect old episodes as Time Life would release them on DVD. But the fact that they not only hold up decades later but also at double the run-time length from my childhood memories proves just how classic the comedy really is.

When I was a kid, Sorry! was one of my favorite board games. I don't really know which came first, chicken or egg style, between my love of the game or my love of the sketch. I remember my father hated playing the game as much as Eunice's family. Though, my father hated playing any game, whether it required an imagination or a simple ability to recall and follow rules. I used to love to get under his skin by insisting we play Sorry! and then shouting the name of the game at him the way Mama did.

To this day, whenever I am stressed, watching this sketch is an easy and quick pick-me-up. And considering it is fall TV time (and Time Life just released a super sized collection of The Carol Burnett Show on DVD), I am watching this sketch on a loop lately!

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