Friday, October 5, 2012

Watch the 'Nashville' Pilot and WIN...

I made it no secret that Nashville was my favorite fall pilot of this television season. After months of blabbering (and blogging!) about it and eagerly awaiting the next new episode, that time is finally upon us. And in order to celebrate, I'm offering a fun giveaway for other early adopter Nashville fans.

ABC has put the pilot of Nashville online, a week before the series will make its bigger screen debut. To encourage you all to check it out and join in the conversation, I have obtained some promotional show tee-shirts to give away to three of our readers.

In order to win a tee-shirt, all you have to do is watch the pilot and come back here to comment and/or Tweet me with what element has you hooked. It could be a storyline, a character, or even one of their musical covers. Just let me know anytime between October 5th 2012 and October 10th at noon, and you will be entered to win. You must be a resident of the United States to enter, but there is no age or entry limit on this contest.

 Have fun, y'all!

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