Sunday, November 4, 2012

Celebuzz 'Revenge' Preview: "Illusion"...

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Conrad and Victoria Grayson--
Record scratch; what!?

When Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) dropped to his knees and asked his estranged wife Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) to marry him in the last episode of Revenge, our reaction was similar to her own-- a bit of disbelief, a bit of scoffing, and a lot of wheels turning to see how this could work out to her advantage.

We didn't expect to find out so soon, but thanks to Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) being a loose cannon, the Grayson nuptials are right around the corner, in the next all-new episode of Revenge, appropriately entitled "Illusion."

The not-so blushing bride-to-be knows better than to wear white, right?

The Graysons' impromptu "celebration" certainly comes as a shock to those around them, so let's see who is most likely to object to this most unholiest of unions...

  • Daniel Grayson - The Graysons' eldest child, he is long past the days of just wishing for mommy and daddy to live happily ever after. These days it certainly seems like he holds more disdain in his heart for his father and his father's business dealings than any personal family conflict, but the new executive at Grayson Global might not like the idea of his mother coming back into the business. 
  • Kara Wallace - If she's even the slightest bit onto the real motives behind this wedding, she should do everything in her power to stop it. After all, the secrets Conrad and Victoria keep can unlock a lot of lies in her past. Seemingly smartly, though, Victoria seems to have conveniently left her house guest off the guest list.
  • Ashley Davenport - The social climber has just gotten cozy in Daniel's bed and in a cushy position at Grayson Global. She currently has Conrad's ear, and even if she is deciding her loyalties are not to spy on her lover for his father, simple ambition should drive her to keep that channel open. Victoria is a giant dam that has just dropped across it, though, potentially cutting off Ashley's access to all she strives to be.
  • Emily Thorne - Let's face it: her plan just wouldn't be as much fun if there wasn't the extra element of who would turn on whom faster, and she needs to keep Conrad and Victoria apart in order for that to work the best. Besides, she has to be a little bitter that she never got her big, fancy, not-quite-the-sham-it-started-out-to-be wedding, but Victoria does! 
  • Random Federal Agents - Conrad and Victoria have both done some pretty illegal things. Who's to say their house isn't bugged by someone other than a Revenger? And if that's the case, then the Feds need to step in before these two become legally bound and can no longer testify against each other.
Actually, for similar reasons, whatever The Initiative turns out to be should want to step in soon, too. 
  • Aiden Mathis - It would be in poor form-- and just out of a terribly emotional outburst-- if he actually stood up and put himself on the Graysons' radar right now. Though it may seem odd that he shows up at this soiree at all, maybe he just likes to watch bad people make even worse decisions for themselves. 
  • Charlotte Grayson - Curiously, it seems Charlotte is nowhere to be found at this wedding. While that's probably good for her sanity, we have to hope she's not skipping the family function to flirt some more with Declan. We simply don't want to see that!

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