Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Celebuzz 'The Voice' Coach Interviews: Christina Aguilera & CeeLo Green...

Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice has seen a bunch of new twists, rules, and complications, but after Tuesday’s Top 8 eliminations, there is a new one on their hands. With America sending Dez Duron home, Team Christina is no more. That’s right, coach Christina Aguilera lost all her contenders, and we’re only down to the Top 6! ... [MORE

CeeLo Green takes his job of coaching The Voice very seriously. When he scours for talent to make up his team in the earliest Blind Audition rounds, he isn't simply looking for someone who can sing on-pitch, key, and in proper register at all times; he is also looking for a unique sound because those are the artists who usually come with unique visions... [MORE]

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