Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cutting Room Floor Commentary: How'd They Do That? Edition ('Once Upon A Time')...

Tonight Once Upon A Time put Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) into a fiery netherworld room. The two weren't really standing in front of each other (he was in a sleeping curse in Storybrooke, she still stuck in the fairytale land that was), but their souls were. They were able to have a conversation and pass vital information over to each other before the fire dropped away, and Snow began literally fading from sight. It turned out, when you are waking up and coming out of the netherworld, you literally dissolve out, making both actors look like something out of a video game.
So, how'd they do that? I was on the Vancouver set of Once Upon A Time a few weeks ago, and Goodwin talked a little about filming the pivotal scene:
"It was a really hard scene to film with Josh because I’ve never filmed anything like this in my life. We filmed everything together—and I mean from every angle—and then we filmed everything, each of us, again from the front, and then each of us, again, everything from the back so that we could be made translucent depending on the camera angle," Goodwin said
"So to do something that emotional and not to have a scene partner in front of you can be pretty challenging but also pretty inspiring in that actor school kind of way. I cried every time reading that scene in the script but did not realize until we were shooting that the shift [meant] Emma had to really get Snow under control and take over as leader."

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