Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cutting Room Floor Commentary: Jonathan Jackson...

Sometimes I get a chance to sit down with an actor I've watched in a number of projects for years. Though the purpose of the interview is usually to promote whatever project they are currently working on, whenever possible, I sneak in questions about those projects I have coveted for years. But on the luckiest of occasions, I get a sport so good he (or she) manages to organically bring the project up before I even have to. Justin Hartley is great at doing that, never forgetting his humble beginnings on Passions, and so is Jonathan Jackson-- thoughtful enough to consider his career since Camp Nowhere-- and if he could nod to his early, child star roles through reuniting with his co-stars in his current projects.

Jackson and I sat down at the Beverly Hilton this past summer during ABC's TCA day to talk about his role as the mysterious musician Avery on Nashville. The bulk of our show chat was used for my "Men of Nashville" interview series, but he also had so many interesting things to say about growing into an adult star from a child one, advising up-and-coming talent, let alone his children, and expanding as an artist past acting and into music, I just had to share it with you!

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