Wednesday, November 7, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Arrow' Advance Review; 'The Vampire Diaries' Preview...

Watching Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) get caught on security cameras and therefore hauled off in handcuffs at the end of last week’s Arrow seemed like an amateur move, right? The guy built a high-tech lair, full of the latest toys in technology in like a day after returning from that island, and yet he didn’t think to cover his face when saving Laurel (Katie Cassidy) from a prison blackout? Well, no, of course he did. In fact, as “Damaged” very quickly shows off, getting prematurely caught was all part of his plan. After all, he returns home and days later the vigilante shows up in Starling City, so better to acknowledge the suspicion than try to hide from it, right? ... [MORE]

"TVD's Julie Plec, Todd Williams & Michael Narducci tease "The Killer"

The Vampire Diaries may have removed one vampire hunter from the picture by killing off Alaric last season, but the introduction of Connor (Todd Williams) proved that Mystic Falls really hadn't seen anything yet. Connor came to town with a seeming single track mind: find every last vampire and kill it. Only Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) saw the truth that there was something deeper to him than merely a guy with a stake at first, but soon enough Klaus (Joseph Morgan) was clued into Connor's true importance. But the thing of it is: Connor isn't even clued into his full importance, so how can he be expected to succeed when he isn't sure of the reasons behind his mission?... [MORE]

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