Friday, November 30, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Do No Harm' Premiere Date; 'Girls' Season 2 Trailer; Introduction To 2012 Holiday Programming; Carrie Underwood to Play Maria von Trapp; 'The Killing' Comes Back From The Dead?...

A month ago today NBC announced its mid-season 2013 schedule and sadly left new duality drama Do No Harm off the roster. But today the peacock network is proving good things do come to those who wait, as they have bumped Rock Center from Thursday nights at 10 p.m. and instead granted that time slot to Do No Harm, starting January 31st 2013... [MORE]

"First Look: HBO and Lena Dunham's Girls season 2 trailer"

It seems a long road to January 13 2013 when Girls returns to HBO for its second season, but to tide you over until then, the "it's not TV" cable network has released a trailer for the Lena Dunham's sophomore year. And aside from gems like "I'm an individual, and I feel what I feel," we are also treated to the return of Andrew Rannells and Chris O'Dowd, as well as first looks at new guest stars Rita Wilson and Jorma Taccone... [MORE]

"Primetime Holiday Highlights start this weekend with Dog with a Blog"

Every year the amount of holiday-themed television-- be it individual episodes of currently airing shows, brand new made-for-TV original movies, or re-airings of classics-- seem to double. It shouldn't be possible; there are a finite number of hours in the day, after all. Yet it happens. And in order to celebrate such an expansion of the holiday spirit, this year LA TV Insider Examiner is doing something a little bit different when it comes to our holiday programming guide.... [MORE]

 "NBC hopes to "come alive" with The Sound of Music remake with Carrie Underwood"

Get ready for another reboot of an iconic piece of childhood and pop culture memories. Despite their previous attempt with Mockingbird Lane falling short, NBC has decided to go ahead with a remake of The Sound of Music... [MORE

"AMC to resurrect The Killing?"

Just when you thought it was dead. Variety is reporting that AMC's slow burn murder mystery The Killing is, in fact, beginning work on a third season. LA TV Insider Examiner is working on getting comment from the network, but it appears that Veena Sud has started her writer's room again this week... [MORE]

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