Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From LA Examiner: Jacob Artist Follows His Dream to 'Glee'; Gary Goldstein Writes About Christmas *And* Hanukkah; Chevy Chase Out of 'Community'; Josh Dallas Talks 'Once Upon A Time'...

Jacob Artist is living the dream. Not just his dream, although as one of the newest cast members on Glee, singing, dancing, and acting every week, he is certainly doing that, too. But the young artist who chose to move out to Los Angeles and join the cattle calls of auditions for his big break, rather than spend four years in more traditional training at Juilliard, is proving to any kid with a dream that if you believe in yourself—and you’re willing to take a risk now and then—you can make any life you want for yourself a reality... [MORE]

"Hitched for the Holidays plays with quintessential Christmas *and* Hanukkah"

Sometimes writers draw inspiration from the films they consider classics in their favorite genres. Sometimes all a writer needs for inspiration is to attend a holiday party with his or her circle of friends. The smartest writers, though, combine both elements to create the richest—and most relatable-- tapestry in their own work. And that is what Gary Goldstein did with his new Hallmark Channel original, Hitched for the Holidays... [MORE]

"Chevy Chase to exit Community"

It's been a rocky road for Community season four, and it hasn't even premiered yet. First, showrunner Dan Harmon was out, then the show was given a late-fall Friday timeslot, only for that to get bumped to January. Fans were finally getting used to a few more months of production happening in a bubble, when Sony confirmed today that Chevy Chase would be exiting the comedy series... [MORE]

"Josh Dallas previews David in danger on Once Upon A Time"

Last we left Storybrooke, Henry (Jared Gilmore) was having nightmares in which he found himself in a fire-filled room. Out in the now desolate fairytale land, Aurora (Sarah Bolger) was having the same dreams. Finally, they spotted each other, and Henry told her not to be afraid. But his words were not really all that reassuring, considering he still awoke with a very real burn on his arm. Unlike regular dream worlds, the things encountered in this one could hurt you—could possibly even kill you—so Regina (Lana Parrilla) went to Gold (Robert Carlyle) for help. The result may not prove to be enough, though, as in the next all-new episode “Into the Deep,” Regina and Gold must put David’s (Josh Dallas) life in jeopardy in an attempt to protect Henry from further danger and put him in contact with Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) across the lands.... [MORE]

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