Friday, November 2, 2012

From LA Examiner: Noah Bean Previews 'Nikita'; 'The Wedding Band' Advance Review; 'Fringe' Gets a Series Finale Date; Meet 'Arrow's' Version of The Huntress; Nikki DeLoach on VOD...

With Ryan’s (Noah Bean) mission to take Division apart from the inside, Nikita (Maggie Q), Michael (Shane West), Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), and the rest of the team should be able to breathe a little easier knowing they are not starting out on new missions but instead simply cleaning out old ones, right? Well, sort of. Except Ryan has a secret and when the rest of his team learns of it in the next all-new Nikita, “True Believer,” tension rises again. ... [MORE]

Ever since The Wedding Singer, we have had a bad taste in our mouths overgrown children who live out their dreams of being rock stars one family function at a time. So color us surprised when we were completely charmed by TBS’ new series about four not-so-men-children who are ultimately doing the same thing. The Wedding Band has a lot of heart, a great sprinkling of humor, and most importantly, some nostalgic covers of our favorites songs from the ‘90s (and some more modern classics, as well. ... [MORE]

"FOX announces Fringe's January 2013 series finale date"

It's an event so big, you know the Observers will be there, but will you? FOX announced today the series finale plans for their fan favorite sci-fi drama Fringe... [MORE]

"Meet Jessica de Gouw, Arrow’s Huntress"

If you’re watching The CW’s Arrow, you know that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is living by a mission of retribution, following his late father’s wishes to take down the corrupt in their city. But soon he is about to meet another vigilante who’s own mission may be the same, but born out of a very different kind of reaction to her family. Jessica de Gouw joined the cast of Arrow as Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress... [MORE]

"Awkward’s Nikki DeLoach takes Flying Lessons to the big screen"

As Lacey Hamilton on MTV’s Awkward, fans know Nikki DeLoach as a young mother—a woman who had to put a lot of her own hopes and dreams on hold when she found herself pregnant in high school. Lacey isn’t tragic, even if in many ways she’s still a cautionary tale, but that’s because she is still surrounded by so many of her high school friends. In DeLoach’s new independent film, Flying Lessons, however, DeLoach takes a stab at a Lacey-like character who did, in fact, get left behind because of her situation... [MORE]

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