Thursday, November 8, 2012

From LA Examiner: Susanna Thompson Talks 'Arrow'; 'Hart of Dixie' Photos; Joe Biden on 'Parks and Rec'; 'Fringe' Preview; 'The Big C' Final Season Plans; 'The Vampire Diaries' Photos; 'Happy Endings' 'Real World' Photos/Video Spoilers...

When you have a show set in a small, rural town like Bluebell, the characters can get away any time they need to clear their heads or center themselves: they just need to go camping in the nearby woods! But the characters on Hart of Dixie don't take advantage of communing with nature the way that would perhaps be the best for their sanities... [MORE]

When LA TV Insider Examiner was on the Vancouver Arrow set* two months ago, Susanna Thompson told us that Moira “will do just about anything to keep her family safe,” but it wasn’t until tonight’s episode, “Damaged,” that we got a real taste of that. Moira is a character with her secrets, and certainly her reasons, but even if she is doing things out of her own sense of love or protection, reactions to them will not always be so understanding or otherwise favorable—to other characters or perhaps even the audience. Oliver himself (Stephen Amell) can run around in a hood and kill people and still be called the hero, even by Thompson. Moira, on the other hand, will threaten those she needs to, make deals with those she needs to, even kidnap those she needs to at times, but will her motivations be regarded as highly? ... [MORE]

Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) may have gone to Washington in the fifth season premiere of Parks and Recreation and left with an uncharacteristically pessimistic view on things, but her return trip is much happier. In "Leslie Vs. April", Leslie and Ben (Adam Scott) return to the nation's capital to pack up his things for the permanent return to Pawnee, and Leslie has a chance encounter with non-other than Vice President Joe Biden... [MORE]

When LA TV Insider Examiner was on the Vancouver set of Fringe* a few months ago, we had a chance to watch a little bit of filming from this week's episode entitled "Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There"... [MORE]

Although it was already announced that The Big C would be its concluding its run with its upcoming chapter, today Showtime has specified their plans a bit more. There is still no return date just yet, but rather than a full season, The Big C will conclude with a special four-part limited event entitled The Big C: hereafter... [MORE]

The Vampire Diaries certainly knows how to take the fun out of themed dances, don't they? After all, they can never just be town gathering events where everyone can let their hair down and let loose for a few hours. Somehow, they always manage to turn much darker than that. And that is exactly what series showrunner Julie Plec teased about the upcoming Miss Mystic Falls pageant, as well... [MORE]

"First Look: Happy Endings gang talks about their unaired Real World season"

One of the things we never got to see on Friends was just how all of the titular characters first met. Sure, over the years, we heard the stories, and were able to fill in the gaps in our minds. And sure, we got to see their younger selves in a number of flashbacks that ranged from high school proms, to Thanksgivings with the family, to back when the space occupied by Central Perk was still a bar. But it wasn't the same as seeing them all come together for the first time, knowing magic was about to be made. So, we have to admit, the fact that in its third season Happy Endings is allowing us to see how the these particular friends all came to be gives the show another leg up in the competition for our favorite... [MORE]

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