Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We Have Thoughts: 2012 New Fall Dramas Check-In...

It surprised no one more than myself when Marisa and I produced our "We Have Thoughts" 2012 New Fall Comedy Check-In vodcast, only to each say we're still very happy with all three of the shows we had high hopes for at the pilot stage. Trust me when I say that shows very rarely live up to my own personal expectations, let alone deliver half a dozen chronological episodes in their first seasons that I find both consistent and increasingly entertaining.

But did the dramas fare as well?

Take a look at our thoughts on the three key dramas for Fall 2012 Marisa and I both hoped would be DVR season pass worthy, if not "purchase on DVD" worthy later, and let us know if you're still watching them and why. 



Last Resort


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