Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year in (Photo) Review...

Jumping on the "Shit People Say..." bandwagon (January 2012)

Fun on the set of Community (February 2012)

A trip to Hogwart's! (February 2012)

IBG's Annual Wine Tasting (February 2012)

PaleyFest fun (pictured: Once Upon A Time) (March 2012)

An evening with Homeland (March 2012)

Warner Brothers opens their Paley Center exhibit (April 2012)

The Christensen-Daley wedding in Boston (May 2012)

"Six Seasons and a Movie" art show (June 2012)

Best. Birthday Card. Ever! (June 2012)

"My Letter to Fear" stage production (June 2012)

I finally met Crystal the Monkey! (July 2012)

Summer TCA (July - August 2012)

 I finally met Jonathan Jackson! (July 2012)

 Madison refused to learn to swim (August 2012)

 Joined Celebuzz as a freelancer (August 2012)

Madison attended his first Hollywood party (September 2012)

Vancouver Diaries 2 (September 2012)

Return to Vancouver-- with avengeance (November 2012)

Christmas card photo shoot (sorry I never sent these) (November 2012)

 Cougar Town celebration at Gray's Pub (November 2012)

 Holidays 2012

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