Monday, December 17, 2012

Celebuzz '1600 Penn' Preview...

NBC has an answer to ABC’s mega-hit comedy Modern Family and it actually also comes from Jason Winer. 1600 Penn is a dive into the politics of family—of a family that just happens to be in politics. The Gilchrists live in the White House, but that is merely their backdrop or their playground. The stories that will unfold week-to-week will be relationship driven—from how step-mom Emily (Jenna Elfman) has trouble parenting the kids, to “Miss Perfect” oldest daughter Becca’s (Martha MacIsaac) surprise pregnancy, to central character Skip’s (Josh Gad) general screw-ups.

“The most important thing is telling really funny, really relatable stories, and if that means casting aside realism of what the real nuts and bolts of how a bill passes, we’re going to do that every time!” Series executive producer, and former political speech writer, Jon Lovett said when I visited the Los Angeles, Calif. set.

“The fun we’ve had in the writers’ room is finding new pairs and finding new ways to shake up the stories that way, but it’s a grand tour of everybody. Everybody has their time to shine.”

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