Monday, December 24, 2012

DanielleTBD's 2012 Pop Culture Christmas List...

The other day I Tweeted that all I really wanted for Pop Culture Christmas this year was for Taylor Kitsch to come back to TV. I love Stephen Amell in the role now, but Kitsch would have made a great Arrow. Unfortunately, he was too busy off trying to be a big screen star, and why? Television arguably has a better track record of quality scripts to quantity produced in a year (at least, cable does). But maybe I digress. I'd additionally love for Kitsch to come back to TV in my pilot, and when noting that, I realize that's another item on my list-- I really, really want and at this point need something to happen with my pilot. I am getting too old to keep saying "I'm trying to sell a show." I need to either sell it or move on. But I digress again. The point is, the more I got to thinking about it, the more I realized I do have a full-on list this year. I hope it's not too late for Santa to read this, but I won't expect everything gift-wrapped and under the tree by tomorrow!

1. For Taylor Kitsch to come back to TV, as aforementioned.

2. For Taylor Kitsch to come back to TV in my pilot, as aforementioned, which by proxy means my pilot is getting made (finally)!

3. An album of Grayson's Greatest Hits from Cougar Town. TBS has been so great about promoting the show and sending out Penny Cans to the press and stuff, but this could be sold in stores to make the studio, network, and production a little extra cashish. Think of the jams you could blast on the freeway! From "Confident in my Sexuality" to "Morning Routine Song" (and of course the extended edition of "Morning Routine Song"), to "Someday Girl" and the follow up single "Someday Guy," and of course, "Everything Man."

4. Now that I'm thinking about fun TV music, I would love an LA based charity concert featuring the best TV bands. Josh Hopkins could certainly play acoustically, and then there'd be a set by Mouse Rat, and the guys and gals of Nashville, and hopefully a big Broadway belt to take us home from the lovely ladies of Smash.

5. Some of my favorite short-lived shows to finally be available on DVD. I get it, studios don't want to waste money printing DVDs for series the audience never tuned into in the first place. Sometimes the music rights are even harder to acquire. But why not do the print on demand service that some networks turn to for under performers (I won't name any names here, but let's just say, FOX, MTV, and ABC have gone this route with personal favorites. They're short on extras, but if all you want is to own a hard copy of the show...). I would love to finally see Cold Case and Miss/Guided become available, for example.

6. A "Ya Heard? with Perd Hapley" mug. You've seen these oversize yellow mugs with Perd Hapley's mug painted on them on Parks and Recreation for seasons, and yet the NBC Store still doesn't sell them. Why not!? I have a "thing" about my drinkware: it all needs to match. But I would happily by a set of four of these for my own winter hot cocoa and guests'. Perd (yes, I know he has a real name!) never fails to put a smile on my face, even and especially when he popped over to moonlight as a DC reporter on Scandal.

7. To go back in time and get Parenthood nominated for some SAG and Golden Globe Awards. Seriously, it's just a travesty that the cast is not being celebrated, and if they don't get "lesser love" from these guys, they're never going to get Academy recognition come Emmy time :(

8. For Smash to keep Jennifer Hudson. I don't care if she just comes in once an episode to sing Karen an inspirational song. Hudson is a powerhouse, and I want to hear more from her. Literally.

9. How I Met Your Mother to reveal that his kids' mother was actually a surrogate-- that he went to some kind of "egg bank" and paid a friend to carry his children. Because Ted is still so awful there is no realistic way any woman would want to marry him, let alone

10. This is three-fold: first, I would like more people to watch Happy Endings so Paul Lee will pick it up for another season. And then another. And another. Ten seasons and a reunion, you guys! But also, more selfishly, I would like my very own hip-hop Santa. I was equally bummed and fascinated by the fact that the one in this year's Christmas episode was a creation by their prop department. Yes, yes, they have a very talented crew, in addition to cast, but that means I can't just go on eBay and buy one for myself! Must. Have.
Usually I end this list by saying "and world peace," but I think it's clear that's never going to be a viable option. So instead, I'd like to ask for the barely-more-realistic week of peace among the critics and Tweeters. This week, in the holiday spirit, be kind to each other. Snark is the easy writing to reach for, but if that's the only creativity you find, opt not to say anything for awhile. TCA will come soon enough, and you'll be able to word vomit all your sarcasm then.

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