Friday, December 28, 2012

From LA Examiner: Advance Reviews for 'Switched at Birth', 'Bunheads', & 'The Lying Game'...

After a record-length first season, some shows would need to take a breather, step back and deliver at least one simple, low-key episode in which its characters adjusted to all they just went through. Not Switched at Birth, though! The second season premiere, “The Door to Freedom” snaps the Vasquez and Kennish family right into a whole new set of problems, and in a role reversal of sorts, this time around it is Bay (Vanessa Marano) who is thriving, while Daphne (Katie Leclerc) is heartbroken, struggling to find her way, and hurting other in the process. In a way that still stays true to the characters’ personalities as we know them to be, Lizzy Weiss and her writers room have crafted a whole new set of issues to allow the actors to run the gambit of emotions and show off their range... [MORE

We didn’t realize how much we missed Bunheads in its hiatus until we screened the winter premiere and found ourselves laughing out-loud at key lines and clapping with glee over the amount of detail of every little thing that Amy Sherman-Palladino packs into her simple, hour-long episodes. No show on television has as much texture as Bunheads; aside from the talented actors and beautiful dance numbers, the sets themselves are chock full of quirky little tidbits and surprises. “Do You Wanna See Something?” had so many, it was the perfect way to invite us back into the world of Paradise, California, and remind us we weren’t really gone all that long anyway... [MORE

When The Lying Game went on hiatus a few months ago, it went out with a double cliffhanger: even if you saw Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) being revealed as the twins’ birthmother coming (come on, the resemblance was just uncanny!), did you really assume Sutton (Alexandra Chando) was that devious to be working with her, using her twin sister Emma (Chando) as a pawn in their schemes? And then there was the case of Alec (Adrian Pasdar) being arrested for murder—at his own wedding. Yes, The Lying Game certainly left fans wanting more, but as the winter premiere indicates, you’re going to have to keep waiting. Little bits are revealed, but new questions and secrets rise to the surface—and then there’s always the good ole “can we even trust what we’ve just been told” paranoia aspect that sets in, considering Sutton as a source... [MORE]

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