Monday, December 17, 2012

From LA Examiner: More PaleyFest 2013 Honorees; 'Deception' Advance Review...

The Paley Center for Media announced a couple of additional panels for their PaleyFest 2013 television celebration. Joining the previously announced Once Upon A Time, Revolution, and The Newsroom are The New Normal and American Horror Story: Asylum... [MORE]

NBC’s new primetime soap Deception isn’t subtle. The show starts with its energy at eleven; all of the actors over-emote to drive home just how terrible this situation is, in their privileged, upper class world. Though the socialite was troubled, she was certainly loved, and Deception doesn’t want you to forget to humanize her, even though her body was found in an impossibly stagey, “they only do that to corpses on TV” type pose. There should be no mistaking the stakes: they are extremely high and You Need To Care. But most of the execution of the pilot makes it hard to care about anything but Joanna (Meagan Good), and if you really care for Joanna, you’ll tell her to get the hell out of the Bowers’ household and continue live her life unscathed and uncorrupted... [MORE]

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