Friday, December 7, 2012

From LA Examiner: Sean Faris and Jonathan Patrick Moore Preview Their Holiday Original TV Movies; Jessica Lange Talks 'American Horror Story: Asylum'...

So many original holiday television movies deal with a sense of magic to bring people together at the coldest time of year. But Hallmark Hall of Fame’s Christmas with Holly is going a bit more grounded route and showcasing a very special little girl who manages to unite not only a family but a bit of a community in general. It was exactly that kind of realism that made Christmas with Holly star Sean Faris want to continue his working relationship with Hallmark Hall of Fame... [MORE]

Growing up in Australia, The L.A. Complex’s Jonathan Patrick Moore’s childhood holiday traditions weren’t exactly what we may have come to personally expect. For one thing, he admitted that he doesn’t remember nearly as much singing of carols back in the day—though television movies have certainly taught him the art of that second-hand. And it’s a good thing, too, because these days he is living in Los Angeles and starring in a brand new holiday original musical, The Mistle-Tones, about none other than a group vying to perform at their small town mall on Christmas Eve... [MORE]  

"Jessica Lange talks about her American Horror Story "descent into madness"

It has been no secret that Ryan Murphy has been greatly inspired by Jessica Lange in his time crafting American Horror Story as a mini-series. In the first season, Ms. Lange's character started as a throwback to a simpler time and archaic beliefs, but Murphy expanded her so she was not just a villain but someone you actively loved to hate. And of course, thanks to Lange's captivating portrayal, she was also a character you could not stop watching if you wanted to... [MORE]

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