Wednesday, December 12, 2012

From LA Examiner: Trevin Hunte Says Good-Bye To 'The Voice'; 19th Annual SAG Nominees; Andrew Kreisberg Previews 'Arrow's' Christmas...

There may not be an official prize for someone who ultimately comes in fourth in a competition; those Honorary Mention ribbons seem to go to just about everyone these days, just for playing. However, Trevin Hunte's performances during his time on The Voice are the greatest prizes of all-- for him and the audience. Young Hunte got to show off his mature talent for America, delivering one of the best, and therefore most memorable, numbers the show has ever seen-- across seasons. His duet with Amanda Brown of Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love" will go down in The Voice history as show-stopping, so he is not sweating his semi-final finish... [MORE]

"19th Annual SAG Award Nominees include Homeland, Glee, Modern Family, more"

Every year we have such high hopes for the Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations because they are ultimately a celebration of actors by other actors. But then we remember how few actors we talk to throughout the year who actually watch television. It's a shame. It's like doctors saying they don't read medical papers or new studies; how do you keep sharp with your craft if you're not constantly researching? Anyway, the 19th Annual SAG Nominees were announced this morning, live from Los Angeles, and here they are. Are you surprised by any of them? And who do you hope takes home the Golden Actors? Let us know in the comments below!... [MORE]

You miss a lot of things when you’re presumed dead and marooned on an island for five years. For Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) in The CW’s Arrow, the bulk of what we’ve seen him miss thus far have to do with pop culture fads and celebrities, but of course there were a lot of family milestones and holidays, as well. After all his mother remarried, and his sister certainly grew up not-so in front of his eyes... [MORE]

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