Friday, December 7, 2012

We Have Thoughts: Snapshots on Favorite 'Dexter', 'Homeland', 'Happy Endings', & 'Fringe' Season Moments...

Sometimes a television show delivers such a moment of greatness you remember all over again why you love the show. Suddenly your excitement is re-energized, and you want to share the moment with the world so that other people get as excited as you are. But sometimes the moment is so small in the grand scheme of the plot that's unfolding for the season that it's hard to spotlight in review.  

Well, that's why We Have Thoughts now looks at snapshot moments-- scenes or other elements, not full episodes, of currently airing shows that indicate so much more than you might expect.

This is the first time we have done these kind of "bonus thoughts," and the goal is to keep them short, kind of like snap judgements, but even over the course of only half a season, there are a lot of moments that could be discussed from a lot of shows. So we started with only four of our favorites, but we'll have more coming soon.



Happy Endings


What moments would you pick from these shows as your favorite important ones of the 2012 TV season?

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