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Celebuzz Recap: 'Revenge' Season 2 Premiere...

Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) is back with a vengeance. Well, obviously, given the title of her show, right? But so is Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), as the second season premiere of ABC’s Revenge wasted barely any time in revealing.

Come on, you didn’t really think they’d kill off a talent as big as Stowe, did you? 

Even with Emily learning that so much of what she grew up believing wasn’t actually true (cough, not-dead mother, cough) and setting up an even angrier arc for her character, Victoria was so much a part of her early anger, the show wouldn’t be truly satisfying if she was taken out so soon. Especially considering Emily had no part in that plane crash anyway. 

So where does that leave us? 

Cutting Room Floor Commentary: John Noble Thanks 'Fringe' Fans...

As the cast of Fringe began making the rounds this summer to promote the final season of their FOX show, there were many occasions for the actors to get teary-eyed on stage, in front of a group of reporters. They have already gotten emotional a number of times when talking about inching toward their finish line, but this time, it was the reporters' turn for that to be the case.

As you know, I spent this past week in Vancouver, for the annual WB-sponsored set visit trip. This year I hit a handful of shows, Fringe included, and John Noble took a moment at the end of the interview to thank the show's supporters-- entertainment writers and fans alike-- for helping them get to a fifth and final season. He's such a class act!

Watch while he tries to make #TeamVancouver cry:

Damn, is it dusty in here?

From LA Examiner: John Noble Teases 'Fringe's' Treasure Hunt; Misha Collins Previews Castiel's 'Supernatural' Penance...

Fringe is known for reinventing its relationships every season, but the fifth and final premiere certainly exploded that in a number of ways, didn't it? Forget Olivia (Anna Torv) finally reuniting with her daughter-- only to meet her as an adult-- for a second. Forget because that seems to be exactly, not-so-conveniently what Walter (John Noble) has done. Without Walter's memories of his plans for the Fringe Team in the future, do they really stand a chance? ... [MORE]

"Supernatural's Misha Collins on Castiel's penance & Jared Padalecki's pranking"

Last time we caught up with Misha Collins, he previewed that the Castiel we will see in season eight of Supernatural will be more like "the Cas we got to know in season four and season five." Collins described Castiel this year as "a little bit more worldly, a little bit more weary, a little bit more worn than he was before." And now that we've gotten our first glimpse at life in Purgatory for Castiel and Dean (Jensen Ackles), we understand a bit better as to why Castiel has grown into the character he has... [MORE

Celebuzz ‘Revenge’ Season 2 Premiere Preview: A New Murder Mystery, Plus 6 More Things to Expect...

For its first season, ABC’s Revenge delivered on duplicity with Emily Thorne’s (Emily VanCamp) unflinching ability to walk into any room and be the person those already in there wanted her to be — all while plotting their demise in the background. 

The season unfolded with one hell of a murder mystery, an epic love triangle, a blast from the past, and quite a few other near death moments for good measure. Emily’s world was continuously rocked, and just when it looked like she was getting things back under control and perhaps even preparing to “come out” as Amanda Clarke to her long lost friend Jack (Nick Wechsler), two new bombshells were dropped on her, making her recalculate her plans once again. 

Season 2 is starting with a bang, though, seeing Emily regroup with some friends old and new, as well as tying up loose ends from the other season’s end cliffhangers, like just whether Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) overdosed fatally and where Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) may be hiding if she didn’t perish in that plane crash?

Friday, September 28, 2012

From LA Examiner: Kelly Hu on 'Arrow'; Anna Torv Talks 'Fringe' Motherhood; 'Community' Premiere Photos; Jared Padalecki Previews 'Supernatural'...

"Oliver meets China White in episode two but not on the island," Arrow series star Stephen Amell previewed for LA TV Insider Examiner when we caught up with him on the Vancouver set* of his new superhero drama this week... [MORE]

In the fourth season of Fringe, we learned about, and immediately met, Etta (Georgina Haig), Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Olivia’s (Anna Torv) daughter. But the kicker was she was already all grown up and pretty much unknown to Peter, who hadn’t seen her since she as a baby. In the fifth and final season, it is Olivia’s turn to have a reunion with her little girl, but standing side by side the actresses look like sisters, not two generations of family. It’s an adjustment for the audience, as once again the season reboots the relationships, but it was an adjustment for Torv, as well! ... [MORE]

"A sneak peek at Community's fourth season premiere through photos"

It's still a few weeks away from Community's fourth season premiere, in which the Greendale study group all moves into a new semester and a new shared class. ... [MORE]

"Jared Padalecki talks about Sam's Supernatural S8 relationship(s)"

Season eight of Supernatural won't be the first time that Sam (Jared Padalecki) will have been split apart from his brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) and attempted a normal life. In fact, what Sam's life looks like when Dean tracks him down after spending a year in Purgatory might be oddly reminiscent of what we've seen in past episodes. Living in a small Texas town, Sam not only has a new girlfriend, but also a dog (an Australian Shepherd) as well... [MORE]

Thursday, September 27, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Once Upon A Time' Advance Review; Tyler Labine Talks 'Animal Practice'; 'Nikita' Season Premiere Photos; Jensen Ackles Talks 'Supernatural'...

"Once Upon A Time's 2nd season premiere adds new characters & emotional layers"

When Once Upon a Time returns to ABC this weekend, it brings some very special moments with it. Not only is the magic back in Storybrooke-- but working differently than these beloved fairytale characters remember-- but so are relationships changed as everyone "wakes up," so to speak and remembers who they truly are-- and who they truly love. But Once Upon A Time is still a show with a deep mythology and twists and turns when it comes to villains, so naturally the second season premiere, "Broken," introduces quite a few new complications for characters (and perhaps an audience) that hoped they could finally just live happily ever after... [MORE]

"Animal Practice gives Tyler Labine a chance to play the straight man"

Let’s face it: even the biggest comedic actor in the world is going to seem extremely grounded when sharing scenes with a monkey wearing a lab coat, right? But for Tyler Labine, working as Dr. Doug Jackson on NBC’s Animal Practice allows him to be a grounding force in other ways that not only serve the story but also his own acting range... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Nikita's new division to be led by [SPOILER]"

Nikita returns to The CW in just a few weeks and the look of Division is very different. But probably not in the way you were expecting. Ryan (Noah Bean) takes charge of Division with Nikita (Maggie Q) by his side... [MORE]

"Jensen Ackles talks about teaming with Ty Olsson  in Supernatural"

As we know, at the end of last season, Dean and Cas get sent to Purgatory. We find that Dean has gotten out, and the time that he spent there, what happened there, has kind of changed his outlook—his perspective on things. These guys are always kind of at war with the evils of the world, but he got kind of a heavy, heavy dose of it down there because he’s surrounded by all of the things that he kills topside," Jensen Ackles said when LA TV Insider Examiner visited the set* of Supernatural this week... [MORE]

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

From LA Examiner: On Set with Stephen Amell; Men of 'Nashville' Sam Palladio Edition...

"He bends towards justice and just understands that along the way there can be collateral damage,” Arrow series star Stephen Amell shared when LA TV Insider Examiner visited him on the Vancouver set* of his freshman drama series this week... [MORE]

British actor and musician Sam Palladio has finally found a project that allows him to show off both of his talents. But like with most things that seem too good to be true, this one, too, comes with a catch. Starring as Gunnar Scott in the ABC relationship drama Nashville, Palladio has to cover his beautiful, natural accent and instead adopt a Southern twang in order to play American... [MORE]

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On The Road Again...

DanielleTBD is traveling this week-- to the great white North. Well, hopefully it's not so white up there this week because I am used to 90+ degree days! Anyway, my second annual trip to Vancouver (or The Couve as the cool kids know it) will be for set visits for Arrow, Fringe, Supernatural, Cult, and Emily Owens, M.D.

And yes, there will be a very special second installment of The Vancouver Diaries produced while I'm there!

Please pardon the interruption in posting while I gather content that will make the following few weeks' postings even better. And, as always, if you have any questions about these shows, feel free to Tweet them to me!

From LA Examiner: 'Happy Endings' Takes on 'The Real World'; McKayla Maroney Heading to BlueBell; NBC Renews 'The Voice'...

Well, the cat's out of the bag! Happy Endings is not only taking on Thanksgiving as their big holiday of choice in season three, but it will be a very special flashback episode to that time the gang all met...on a reality show... [MORE]

McKayla Maroney took the Olympics by storm this summer-- and subsequently, so did she take Tumblr by storm, too, even if unintentionally. Now she will be taking on The CW with a very special guest appearance on Hart of Dixie... [MORE]

"NBC renews The Voice for two more cycles"

Though still only in the Battle Rounds for the third ever (but first fall) installment of their hit musical competition series The Voice, NBC has announced today plans to pick up the series for two more cycles... [MORE]

'Hawaii Five-0' and 'New Girl' Casts Before They Were Stars...

On the beautiful backdrop of sun, sand, and clear blue skies, the cast of Hawaii Five-0 has a tough job to do. Every week on CBS, they have to hunt down some of the most terrible criminals—from human traffickers to arms dealers to murderers and terrorists—before they too-permanently dirty their surrounding paradise. How did the cast train for this treacherous assignment? Snakkle looks back, before they were stars, to see who’s been honing their skills from a younger age... [MORE]

"Snakkle Flashes Back to the New Girl Gang Before They Were Roommates"

The characters of New Girl spend a lot of time doing silly, childish, and somehow still endearing things, like doing a slow-motion Chicken Dance at weddings—or simply in their bedrooms. Tapping into such lighthearted characters must certainly allow the cast to reminisce on their own earlier days, when they had fewer cares than their Q rating. Snakkle looks back at the New Girl cast before they were stars to celebrate them in such innocent glory... [MORE]

Danielle and Marisa Have Thoughts...About Fall TV: Disappointing Comedy Edition...

If you read my blog on any kind of semi-regular basis, you know that if I had my way, I would travel back to the nineties and live there forever. It's not entirely rational, and I'm sure it's not at all healthy, but there you go: it is my truth. And this fall television season, it seems like multiple networks are trying to talk me out of it...simply by giving me dated, unfunny new comedies that feel like they walked right out of that decade. They reason they're so disappointing, though, is because they're being put on the air in 2012, when I was hoping we had matured and advanced from there. 

Naturally, Marisa and I had to vodcast all of our snarky thoughts and feelings.

Do you feel differently about Animal Practice, Partners, and/or The Neighbors? Let us know in the comments below!

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"Don't Say Good-Bye" To 'The L.A. Complex', CW!...

It's been a rocky road for the characters of The L.A. Complex but also for CW drama in general. Underrated (literally) and underappreciated, The L.A. Complex has been my new Life Unexpected ever since it debuted earlier this spring. It's the little show that could; that should; that will-- if I have anything to say about it. Though deemed a Hollywood-set soap opera, the dramatic series really focused on the complex and deeply flawed to the point of being damaged young individuals who all live in a motel renovated to be one-room apartments, The Lux. It's like Melrose Place for the disenchanted. This means that of course they sleep together, push each other in the pool, throw huge parties, but thankfully no one's crazy ever bleeds over onto each other, or God forbid, causes someone to attempt to blow up the building. The show is grounded in a cautionary tale type reality of the lost souls that populate Hollywood, attempting to infiltrate the entertainment industry sometimes for the wrong reasons and usually unsuccessfully.

The series took a turn in season two, speeding up its storylines to pack a major punch into thirteen short episodes. This meant that not everything got explored as deeply as I personally would have liked and characters flitted in and out as there wasn't a lot of screen time to devote to each. But I still have to appreciate that things weren't dragged out and the audience wasn't condescended to with repetition or exposition. And through it all, my three favorites were front and center, thriving with new emotional material. Though the final sequence in the second season finale, "Don't Say Good-Bye" could certainly provide a sweet, if still somewhat sad, series end, I of course hope it's only the beginning-- of a new chapter in The L.A. Complex eerily true Hollywood story.

Let's take a look at where we're leaving all of the key characters and the potential new stories for them to explore in a (hopeful!!!) third season:

Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) reconnected with his long-lost sister (guest star Tori Anderson), only for her to introduce him to the "Church" of Scienetics and then make a move on him in a non-sisterly way. Because he has been so lost, searching for family and thrills anywhere he can, he embraced her and her weird cult immediately. Oddly, it seems to be helping, perhaps because along with collecting his checks and feeding him gross detox shakes, they are actually digging deep into his mentality and offering their version of therapy. Moore has consistently broken our hearts in brand new ways all season long, and we just want him to be okay. Yet, how can he possibly be? If he is detoxing off his meds, he will no longer be clear-headed or "leveled out." We're already seeing signs of it when he unwraps his arm and admits he used to burn himself to Raquel (Jewel Staite). That should be a huge step of improvement for him, yet it felt much more like he was getting lost in his mania again, allowing his brain chemistry to lead and make some potentially bad decisions. You're only as healthy as you want yourself to be, and he is so open and willing to try anything that he may find principles here that actually help, even if its execution overall is detrimental.

On a side note, though, he and Raquel never talk about anything real-- she still hasn't even told him he was almost a father!-- and we want to see what happens now that she knows there's something much darker going on with him. He has taken so many steps to be there for her the only ways he knows how-- like doing a cameo in her little indie and posing for photos with fans at the Lux to raise more money for her film. It's her turn to step up. Can she be selfless for a minute? Watching her struggle, try, and probably, ultimately, fail would be the fun of season three.

Also, Moore told us he wants to see a storyline where Connor gets a crazy stalker, and while we don't know how they'd squeeze that in with everything else he has going on, we want to see it eventually, too. It would be a "be careful what you wish for" scenario with both success and fame, as well as someone who loves you unconditionally. After all, look what happened with Charlotte. Naturally the "Church" "sided" with him when he broke down and told them what Charlotte did, but when they shipped her off to some kind of Guantanamo situation, he exhibited all signs of wanting to track her down and save her the way he has been trying to be saved. 

Since I've already brought up Raquel, I have to admit I couldn't care less about her credit card swiping story or new relationship with restaurant boss. Mostly I didn't care because it took time away from her true ambitions, and unless she was suddenly going to get more blinded by cash than she ever did by the spotlight, it was obvious the story was going to be short-lived. Though she exhibited a major moment of growth earlier this season when she walked out of the fake Celebrity Rehab when she realized how exploitational it was being of a kid with severe problems, she's not going to become a completely different person overnight-- if ever. So her new beau getting arrested is probably the last we'll ever see of him. She's not going to come forward and take the blame because it's out of her character but also because the show just did that dueling arrest scenario with Connor and Charlotte over his house fire case.

I have to admit, I had extremely high hopes for that indie film Raquel was making, and I'm not sure the actual thing we saw snippets of held up. I found it more amusing (especially Simon as the mini Wilfred!) than profound. I was torn over just how low rent they were shooting it: there's something to be said for just doing it anyway possible, on your own, but there's something else to be said for sacrificing some of the quality. They didn't need Ellen Page, but using The Lux certainly creates a different character for the woman Raquel is portraying. If she's living in this place at this point in her life, she's a much more tragic figure, even outside of the inoperable cancer. Then again, that's kind of a metaphor for Raquel in its own way, and yet Raquel is pulling herself up and doing what she can to change her situation at all costs. There's something inherently admirable in that.

The final sequence, zooming in on everyone's faces with the completely on-the-nose who will you be and where will you go and what will you do music wouldn't have been complete without a shared look between Connor and Raquel. Out of all of the characters that live at The Lux, they have the farthest to go and the most to lose. I love getting a sense of them being in this together, even if not as romantic partners, at least as friends. I would really love to see them lean on each other more in the future.

Nick (Joe Dinicol) and Sabrina (Georgina Reilly) were a couple I thought could go the distance but that it would take a long, long time for them to get there. So when Sabrina said "I love you"-- and first!-- I knew they were doomed. It's no secret I never really liked Nick as a character-- not until Sabrina came around anyway. She challenged him; she brought out the best in him; she made him more fun to be around. I hate that the show may be losing her. Normally I'd say that there can be time jumps between seasons, and she could end up coming back, but this show doesn't do contrived notions like that, and their good-bye really felt like (perhaps the only) permanent good-bye. Everything she said to him was spot-on and something so many of us (cough, me) struggle with out here. It's so easy to divert focus when something we're working on is harder than we'd like it to be. Nick says he wants to be a comedian, but he really doesn't try. Maybe another dream is to fall in love with a girl and live the rest of his life with her, and maybe he would have been happy following Sabrina to New Orleans in order to fulfill that part of himself, but I doubt she would have been happy, feeling like she was holding him back from at least attempting to pursue this other thing. I can't honestly guess where they'll take Nick in a third season, and honestly, I'm a little afraid I won't like him again.

A character I wasn't sad to lose was Beth (Dayle McLeod), though. The minute Simon (Michael Levinson) was taken away, I had no desire to see her stick around and try to be a regular young adult, even as much as I was glad she gave Cam (Kristopher Turner) a storyline of his own. I was bummed to lose Simon because I really do think there is a wealth of stories in the world of child actors. The Lux is really no place for a kid, but it says a lot of a stage mom who'd put her family up there, forcing her kids to audition at any cost. I know that wasn't Beth or their particular situation; I'm just thinking ahead for potential new people. 

And without Beth, I'd like to see Cam actually devote himself to his work and see success at it. The women will come then. He's a good, earnest guy. He deserves someone who's not crazy, and he can't find that person at USC or at The Lux!

Beth just didn't fit. She didn't want to work in Hollywood. And I get that a lot of young people move to L.A. without wanting to work in Hollywood, but everyone in The Lux has entertainment in their hearts and stars in their eyes, and the longer she stuck around, the more potential she had to show everyone how superficial and superfluous the whole town can be. She had this air of judgement about her, and that has no place among the infinite dreamers!

Similarly, when Abby (Cassie Steele) bought a ticket to Germany, I couldn't help but think "good riddance." Her character was one of my favorites when the series first started because she was so driven, but she actually had the talent to back it up. But then she just started to become kind of a buffoon. She'd get incredibly lucky with a gig, even after mouthing off or flubbing her lines, only to go and ruin it for herself by being unprofessional in another way. It was just so frustrating to watch, and I started to see her as just another lost girl who wanted to come to this town to be an overnight sensation, not to actually put in the hard work and prove herself and earn stardom.

Abby's romantic relationships are equally frustrating. She just has this ability to fall into bed with everyone and anyone without a (seeming) second thought. Now, this may be because the show moves so fast, we don't get to see all of the reasons feelings may form. But on a personal note, it just makes us hard to connect with her. It seems to be that quintessential "whatever" mentality where consequences are never considered, and it represents an overall personality trait and unwillingness to actually extend a thought that makes us not want to root for her. Yet, she attracts some guys that are seemingly too good to be true, and inevitably she ruins that, too. 

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop with this Air Force guy, and when it didn't, I realized that Abby is always the other shoe. I have no doubt that if the show comes back for season three, she'll end up screwing up her marriage by simply showing up in Germany and screwing things up for him at work. Even if the show doesn't end up coming back, that's what I'm going to imagine happened. Right now I don't think she deserves a happy ending. She has too much growing up to do first. She hasn't earned a happy ending.

Kal (Andra Fuller), on the other hand, does. Kal has come a long way-- certainly the furthest of any other character on the show, even though you could argue that he and Connor had just as far to climb. Neither one of them like themselves, and I don't think either of them is there yet in terms of turning that way of thinking around, but they're both making strides. I wanted nothing more than Kal to be able to tell his father he was gay-- and to say it that way, rather than the way he said it to the mental patient early in the season. To me, that would have marked the perfect next baby step on his road to recovery. Instead, though, he surprised me by taking a much bigger step in writing, and then posting, his letter online. To me, that never would have happened if the show was sure it was getting a third season. Kal's story was one that was never sped up or handled with anything but care. Having him publicly come out felt almost like a push for a new season by saying "See? You have to see how this turns out, right!?"

That is not to say I did not love watching him take the step-- I just think it was a sheer guttural, emotional reaction from someone stuck in grief. I think he may come to regret it, and that, too, will provide ample opportunity for more fascinating internal struggles for Kal. Fuller excels at those. He wears everything on his face in the best of ways. When Rook (William Stewart) admitted he has always known Kal well enough to know he was gay (a moment I was psyched to see the show spend time on because I had been wondering for awhile just how much he knew, even if Kal tried to keep it from him), Fuller's reaction was priceless. I want to see more of that. And admittedly, as much as I like Chris (Jarod Joseph), I want to see Kal lash out at him and ultimately push him away again because he realizes he may not be ready to become the gay icon that the media will now try to force him to be.

What has always fascinated me about Kal's story is how it was never done in the typical Hollywood way. The L.A. Complex allowed us to get to know the man away from the bright lights and international fame. We are told he has it-- that he's pretty much the Jay-Z of this world-- but whenever we see him, he's just a regular dude with a big house and an even bigger chip on his shoulder. Coming out is something he had to get himself comfortable to do, but coming out as a celebrity opens a whole new can of worms. I don't really want to see the entire hip-hop community embrace him because I want to see how that tests him as a man and a musician. Will he start rap battling those who call him out for something he can't control, or will he shrink back into himself and claim he was hacked? 

The beauty of a show like The L.A. Complex is that it always leaves you wanting more. Its characters are so rich it's impossible not to get involved in their lives, not to feel for them, not to want to know every little intricate thing about them-- even the things the show deems irrelevant and therefore skips over in order to showcase other characters. It's admirable to see an ensemble show tackling so many important issues-- relationship or non; after all, each audience member will personally attach to a different character, and diplomatically, there is something for everyone here. 

Live-Blogging 'The L.A. Complex's' "Xs and Os"...

The L.A. Complex's "Xs and Os"

- Leave it to the artsy film school kids to make Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) look like a pedophile.

- I ship Kal (Andra Fuller) and this lawyer so hard right now!

- All Nicks on TV right now wear these bummy red hoodies. I want to buy this Nick (Joe Dinicol) a real jacket.

- It should be illegal to have bad judgement, Connor! But seriously, this scene of him being interrogated bothers me a lot. For someone who has self-esteem issues and is always looking for authority figures to please, he certainly seems to pull "cover my own ass" stories out quick enough. But just a few scenes ago, he couldn't "play around" in a scene with Raquel (Jewel Staite). So which is it, show? Right now, his character is being manipulated based on what the show needs him to be at any given minute. Nice commentary on the life of an actor in general, but it doesn't seem intentional at all-- just like the show moves so fast they figured no one would notice.

- Is Simon (Michael Levinson) the new Wilfred?

- Is there where Abby (Cassie Steele) wakes up and realizes she married an axe murderer or something? I'm kind of hoping the relationship doesn't stick...just so I don't have to learn this guy's name.

- This lawyer has such good advice for Kal. Too bad it's exactly what I said Kal should do last week.

- I feel bad that Charlotte (Tori Anderson) is learning just how little her cult family cares now that Connor is in a jam, but I'm glad her eyes might be opened sooner rather than later. It will be a true test of her character to see if she crumbles or if their teachings really did inspire self-esteem, at least enough to do something on her own. I have no qualms that she can help with the seriousness of the situation, but I want to see her try.

- I don't know what to do with this "campus tour" scenario. It's uncomfortable, sure, but Beth (Dayle McLeod) has no reason to be mad. Though, I totally sympathize with wanting to punch this snobby overachiever in the face. The way she said "Oh, you'll have so much fun!" at Beth considering studying English was like she was talking to someone who actually doesn't speak English yet. And late for her own lecture? Gross and entitled. Dislike button.

- Sabrina's (Georgina Reilly) half of the phone call reminds me of a bad audition. She has the inappropriate affect, and her mind doesn't seem to be on the scene.

- Who would have a plushie at a bat mitzvah!? And a giant bunny? It's not Easter!

- Oh man, watching Connor walk through the police station in that terrible suit, it looked like he worked there. Or at least was doing research for a role on a procedural.  

- Good intentions but terrible decisions must really run in the Lake family...but I'm oddly intrigued and somewhat hopeful by her ability to be so open and vulnerable with complete strangers. She may be covering for her brother, but she's using the truth to make her story credible. And maybe (hopefully) she's smart enough to know that with her history, she's a candidate for deep therapy, not jail. But if someone doesn't point out that she wasn't even in L.A. when Connor's house burned down, so help me...

- Raquel, you are a better liar than this!


- Wow, Abby is not a cheap date. Connor got off easy with "just" the morning after pills. Who knew an annulment was so costly? Then again, weddings and annulments make Las Vegas go 'round. California is broke; we should look into a new business. Clearly the best film and television production is being outsourced.

- There's no way this girl is dumb enough not to see what's going on between Kal and Chris (Jarod Joseph), right? I so want her to be his new BFF, Will & Grace style.

- It took longer than I would have liked, but I'm so glad Raquel is up to blackmail. I like it when she's consistent.

- Also, I know Chris is busy being there for Kal and everything right now, but I really wanted him to end up being Connor's lawyer. I like when paths cross like that. It makes this town seem smaller.

- I was wondering if Abby's marriage was for a green card. I completely forgot she was the one who would need one in that scenario. He seriously just seems too good to be true. If they stay married, she will cheat on him like no one's business. And probably pawn the ring. No, lose it. Knowing her, she'd lose the ring.

- How are these jokes working!? Bunny costume or not!? Why does Nick get so lucky all of the time!? Geez, maybe he and Abby sold their souls or something. That'd be a twist. Eddie (Ennis Enser) is the Terry O'Quinn of The L.A. Complex? That kind of hybrid fan fiction kind of writes itself.

- It's kind of mean for Beth to be led around campus like this. Sure, she's going to fall in love with it, and how the hell will she pay for it, let alone juggle all of her plates, time-wise? However, I love the fact that even this show uses the boring books section of the library for people to have sex in. First Friends, now my new favorite show.

- No, this bag joke is still not funny. Not even for tweens. I don't get it. Maybe if he had his bunny head off, and they thought he was cute they'd let the dumb jokes slide. I refuse to believe kids today have that terrible of taste. Though I guess Justin Bieber's insane popularity proves the point for me.

- Geez, Kal, way to soften the blow of telling a religious man his only son is gay with telling him he's paralyzed. 

- Okay, months ago when I first started doing interviews with the cast of this show for their premiere, I asked those I spoke with how they felt about their characters being actually talented and just needing their big break or the kinds of kids who have dreams, but there's a reason they aren't succeeding past just not knowing the right people. I admit that at the time, I was mostly thinking Nick was the weak link-- it was after I first heard his bag material, after all-- so to now actually see the character faced with the question of quitting for a comfortable, well-paying, industry-adjacent gig is fascinating to me. It didn't come up in the story how I expected it to, but I'm glad it did nonetheless. It's something anyone in this business but not (yet) a millionaire wrestles with often, myself included. Sometimes it just helps to see how others, even fictional ones, handle it.

- Scienetics cleaning up Connor's mess is only going to

- True story: I said "Those weren't yours" about 15 seconds before the annulment guy did. Hire me.

- I'd rather Kal can't tell his dad rather than tell his dad but use the f-- word to do so again. But taking Chris' hand in the hall? The biggest baby step I could have asked for.

- His favorite movie is It's A Wonderful Life!? Abby, your husband is so vanilla!

- I love Sabrina's optimism at the casting people "only bringing back 50" people. I'm not even being sarcastic here. I love the highs of this business. I really don't have anything to compare them to because I've never worked anywhere else, and I don't do drugs or even drink. But there is so much competition here, and so few real chances, that when something goes right, you just have to push all other thoughts out of your mind and celebrate it for a moment. Be in the moment.

- This show really is The Kal Show, and I'm not complaining. He's been given the most consistently emotional character work to tap into. His story has never once felt rushed or contrived, or worse, the plot driving the emotions. He leaves the screen, and you (or at least I) find myself wanting to leave with him to know what else he's going through, who else is in his life, what's going on day to day. He commands attention, and in a cast this big and flashy, that is the highest compliment.

- I have to wonder if Beth's dad left so quickly and seemingly willingly last week because he was just going to turn around and call CPS. No one else at The Lux seemed to care that a little kid could be floating in the pool, cramping their day drinking style. 

- Whoa, Charlotte, your mother did an even bigger number on you than your dad did on Connor. I didn't get the Ben and Kate incest vibes at all between you two. Ever. And you are two very attractive people. But he's just so childlike and innocent, and now you had to ruin it. I hope Raquel pushes you in the pool, Melrose style!

Celebuzz Season Finale Talk for 'Awkward' and 'The L.A. Complex'...

For two seasons, MTV’s Awkward fans have had intense debates and discussions and hashtag trending attempts for Team Jake and Team Matty, each side making a passionate case for why Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) should be with the particular guy. After two seasons, and trying out both guys, Jenna finally makes her choice in the season finale, “The Other Shoe.” But, that’s not all she’ll have to decide on Thursday’s season finale... [MORE]

"The L.A. Complex Star Jonathan Patrick Moore Talks Scienetics-Filled Season Finale"

In two short seasons, the drama of The CW’s The L.A. Complex has managed to move extremely fast. With the second season finale upon us on Monday, though, current situations wrap up for a number of characters, while offering little hints at what could come in a potential third season. “Don’t Say Good-Bye,” therefore, is a meta-plea from the show itself for another chance, much the way the characters within it ask each other — and this industry — to do the same for them.... [MORE]

Inspired by 'RENT': The Casey Wilson Story...

I always overly-identified with Penny on Happy Endings, but now, it turns out, Casey Wilson and I are the same, too.

As a teenager Wilson was really into RENT-- maybe not tattoo-getting, camping out every weekend for cheap matinee tickets "into" but "into" all the same. In fact, she was a bit more resourceful than me, using what could have been simple fandom to turn into a potential profession, rather than just obsession.

Wilson slipped a note to an understudy cast member asking for an "interview," even though she was not actually a journalist. He called, and she went on with her charade, getting something I could only dream of: a dinner with the guy to ask anything she wanted. 

Now, maybe if I had interest in becoming an actual entertainment journalist back then I would have come up with something similarly clever as a way to get new and different access to my inspirations. But alas, I was still convinced I was going to be directing original entertainment of my own, not writing about others' so the thought never even crossed my mind.

But damn, if I wasn't jealous listening to Wilson's story (accompanied by awesome animations) and thinking of what a field day I could have had if I knew then what I know now!

Guest Blog: Adam Stovall On Love and 'Supernatural'...

Let’s talk about love.

When you’re in love with someone, even the shit they do that annoys the living hell out of you still serves to reinforce your love for them. In The Master, Amy Adams’ character is constantly saying that they really-really-REALLY should cut Joaquin Phoenix’s character off, but then her husband is unable to do so, and you can see in her eyes that this only serves to deepen her love for him and his unending mercy and compassion. When you love someone, even their weaknesses are strengths.

I started thinking about this a lot during the third season of Community. That was the season when things got VERY meta and idiosyncratic. It might not have been as funny as Season Two, but its brilliance and ambition and soul towered over nearly anything else that has ever been created for television or film. I started realizing that I LOVED Community, because even when it was at its most self-indulgent I still had it in my heart and would follow it anywhere.

I do not love Supernatural. But we’re really good friends. I dig spending time with Supernatural and seeing what might come and how the fellas will react. It’s not a bad thing that I don’t love it, because “love” means something. Love means that something is talking to your soul, in a language that even you don’t understand. To be honest, I’ve only loved one woman who ever said “I love you” back, and I feel like I’d probably have a better record on that if I understood at all what led me to love people. Hell, it’s not even easy to articulate what I love about films and TV sometimes. It’s a gut feeling, it’s there or it’s not. I like Supernatural a lot, but I do not love it.

But make no mistake, this is a show about love.

So the Devil has wakey-wakey’d and Sam and Dean are suddenly on a plane and who the hell knows what’s going on. I find it incredibly confounding that this show will be so audacious in its storytelling one moment and then totally chicken out the next. I appreciate the time and effort they’ve put into crafting this massive mythology that by its nature requires some talking about the biggest ideas in the land, and I appreciate that they squared their shoulders and went at the struggle between Good and Evil head-on. But have you noticed that there’s always an excuse to not actually include God? God is always absent, which…sure, that’s a choice. But did anyone really find that Joshua scene completely satisfying?

But I don’t want to just complain, because a) I’ve already done that in my Season Three write-up, and b) I really really really liked this season. I liked the Devil being portrayed in a sympathetic manner, at least at first. Obviously there’s going to be an arc and he’s going to end up being, well, the Devil. (Seriously, dude, you do not explode Castiel and get away with it. Not on my watch, buddy!) But I like him making his case from a place of love. No one really does something simply to be evil and twirl their moustache, they always have reasons and justifications and all that. The Devil was damned because he didn’t understand something, and it scared him. And now he’s feared and bemoaned and he doesn’t understand that either. How is it possible that he was so recently living in a place of love, and suddenly is its antithesis?

Of course, the real love on this show is between Sam and Dean (and no I do not mean it like that– they are brothers and you are weird!). It’s trotted out time and time again, that each is the other’s biggest blind spot and key weakness. Everyone who plans to take on one of the brothers Winchester uses the other one as their primary means of attack. While I could take the show to task a bit for going back to this well SO MANY TIMES, frankly, they proved this to be a wrong-headed complaint this year. Because with the world falling apart and the end being all nigh and junk, hope is an easy thing to lose. Hell, I was even starting to lose it a bit when Sam and Dean were set up as the vessels for the epic fight to end all epic fights, because seriously could this have been a surprising development for ANYONE? But then Adam. A nice little curveball that had been seeded in the show, that made sense when it happened, and ultimately proved to be the thing that let Supernatural land its punch perfectly. Sam and Dean fight because they love each other too much let the other succumb to their lesser angels (pun fully intended). Sam sees the best in Dean and Dean sees the best in Sam and both are willing to beat the hell out of each other (also, intended) to help them be the best they can be. But here, now, a change has to happen. Dean cannot be part of the fight, because then it’s too easy to sacrifice yourself and stay together in some Devil Prison Box. No, Dean has to be on the outside, so that nothing is coloring how he looks at Sam. Lucifer might be running the show, but it’s Sam’s eyes through which he sees. It’s Sam’s hands that get bloody. Lucifer is mighty, but to be in that moment where suddenly all of one’s life plays out and you see the Impala and you see Dean and you see every single thing that has happened in your life and you come face-to-face with just how loved you really are…well, that’s mightier.

God is Love, the saying goes (and I am suddenly very curious how atheists feel about this show). So while this show may not have any idea what to do with God, it certainly has an idea. And in a world where Jon Cryer just won ANOTHER Emmy for that show-that-will-not-be-named, having an idea is too rare. Supernatural has gone from being a show with which I was cool just hanging out, to a show I anticipate watching. A show I think about often, for both narrative and moral reasons. And now Dean is with Lisa and Sam stands watching and I don’t know why. I have no idea what’s going on, but I am enthralled. So maybe I do love Supernatural.

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Punched In the Face...

Aside from Homeland winning all of the Emmys, my favorite part of last night's award show was watching Jimmy Kimmel get punched. Repeatedly. By some of my favorite females on TV. I could watch this over and over. And now I probably will:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Award Winners...

Los Angeles played host to the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards this evening. Just who took home the gold statues in the most coveted categories?

For the most part, the 64th Annual show looked very similar to many other shows from years past with Modern Family and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart sweeping (the latter now taking 10 statues in its category. Crazy, right!?). But thankfully, they made way for some new to shine, too, like the team behind Homeland and Jessica Lange for the innovative miniseries American Horror Story.

Admittedly, all I personally wanted was for Homeland to win all the major drama awards (it did), for Jessica Lange to take the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries category (she did), and for Amy Poehler to win Outstanding Lead in a Comedy for Parks and Recreation (sadly, she did not). Overall, it was a pretty good night for me, especially considering the opening bit had a bunch of my favorite funny ladies punching host Jimmy Kimmel in the face. As if I wasn't jealous of them enough as it was!

Read on for all of the nominees, who came out on top, and be sure to click on their names for highlights from their individual acceptance speeches.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
  • Zooey Deschanel, New Girl
  • Lena Dunham, Girls
  • Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
  • Tina Fey, 30 Rock
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
  • Melissa McCarthy, Mike & Molly
  • Amy Poehler, Parks & Recreation

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
  • Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
  • Don Cheadle, House of Lies
  • Louis C.K., Louie
  • Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men
  • Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
  • Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory
  • Julie Bowen, Modern Family
  • Kathryn Joosten, Desperate Housewives
  • Sofia Vergara, Modern Family
  • Merritt Wever, Nurse Jackie
  • Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
  • Ty Burrell, Modern Family
  • Max Greenfield, New Girl
  • Bill Hader, Saturday Night Live
  • Ed O'Neill, Modern Family
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family
  • Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family

Outstanding Comedy Series
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
  • Girls (HBO)
  • Modern Family (ABC)
  • 30 Rock (NBC)
  • Veep (HBO)

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
  • Kathy Bates, Harry's Law
  • Glenn Close, Damages
  • Claire Danes, Homeland
  • Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey
  • Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
  • Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
  • Hugh Bonneville, Downton Abbey
  • Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire
  • Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
  • Michael C. Hall, Dexter
  • Jon Hamm, Mad Men
  • Damian Lewis, Homeland

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
  • Christine Baranski, The Good Wife
  • Joanne Froggatt, Downton Abbey
  • Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad
  • Christina Hendricks, Mad Men
  • Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife
  • Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
  • Jim Carter, Downton Abbey
  • Brendan Coyle, Downton Abbey
  • Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones
  • Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad
  • Jared Harris, Mad Men
  • Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad

Outstanding Drama Series
  • Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
  • Breaking Bad (AMC)
  • Downton Abbey (PBS)
  • Game of Thrones (HBO)
  • Homeland (SHO)
  • Mad Men (AMC)

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie
  • Connie Britton, American Horror Story
  • Ashley Judd, Missing
  • Nicole Kidman, Hemingway & Gellhorn
  • Julianne Moore, Game Change
  • Emma Thompson, The Song of Lunch

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie
  • Kevin Costner, Hatfields & McCoys
  • Idris Elba, Luther
  • Woody Harrelson, Game Change
  • Clive Owen, Hemingway & Gellhorn
  • Bill Paxton, Hatfields & McCoys

Outstanding Miniseries or Movie
  • American Horror Story (FX)
  • Game Change (HBO)
  • Hatfields & McCoys (HISTORY)
  • Hemingway & Gellhorn (HBO)
  • Luther (BBC America)
  • Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia (PBS)

Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series
  • The Colbert Report (COM)
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (COM)
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC)
  • Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
  • Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Outstanding Reality- Competition Program
  • The Amazing Race (CBS)
  • Dancing with the Stars (ABC)
  • Project Runway (Lifetime)
  • So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)
  • Top Chef (Bravo)
  • The Voice (NBC)

Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program
  • Tom Bergeron, Dancing with the Stars
  • Cat Deeley, So You Think You Can Dance
  • Phil Keoghan, Amazing Race
  • Ryan Seacrest, American Idol
  • Betty White, Betty White's Off Their Rockers

What did you think of the winners of this year's Emmy Awards? Let us know in the comments below!

From LA Examiner: '666 Park Avenue' and 'Dexter' Advance Reviews...

If you were one of the TV fans who wanted to love American Horror Story last season but were too squeamish to watch with completely open eyes, ABC’s new devilish drama 666 Park Avenue is going to be the perfect fit for you. And as an added bonus, this one delivers on the “hows” even if not quite the “whys” immediately on-air with just the pilot episode... [MORE]

Since Showtime released the first few minutes of the seventh season of Dexter online at Comic Con earlier this summer, it seems like we have had ample time to dissect the moment the sociopath completely switched back on within Dexter (Michael C. Hall). Though many viewers and fans of the show may have cut him a lot of slack—may have even rationalized his behaviors and personality—the instantaneous manipulative of his supposedly beloved sister when she caught him at the altar spoke volumes about just how sure of who—or what—he actually is. After a tumultuous (at best) season where Dexter uncharacteristically tried to find something better in religion, the show, and the vigilante we have all come to know and love, is back and better than ever... [MORE]

Saturday, September 22, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Supernatural' Purgatory Preview; 'Chicago Fire' Photos...

The third episode of Supernatural's eight season seems to see a lot of those flashbacks to Purgatory everyone involved in the show has been so deeply teasing these last few weeks. And yes, that means the return of Castiel (Misha Collins)! ... [MORE]

Chicago Fire may just be NBC's best-looking procedural. We're not just talking production style, but let's face it, also the eye-candy of the cast, too... [MORE]