Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Celebuzz 'Cougar Town' Preview: Bill Lawrence Reveals The 3 Major Season 4 Arcs...

Showrunner Bill Lawrence is no stranger to rolling with the punches and preparing for a series finale more than once within his actual series' run. With Scrubs, he had a self-proclaimed "crazy" nine-year run that involved receiving new seasons after being sure the show would be canceled. And now again with Cougar Town, he braced for an abrupt end only to be revived with a new season (and potentially much longer partnership) with TBS.

 As Cougar Town enters into its fourth season overall but first for the cable network, Lawrence told me that he was still making the same show and therefore hoped the same fans would flock to it.

"Look, if the same amount of people that were watching the show on the network were to watch us on TBS, it would be a great hit and success story for TBS, so that’s all I want, you know? I would kill to have a mass appeal television hit—Spin City was like that for a while, and it was cool, but I don’t know how guys like Chuck Lorre or Modern Family do it. I haven’t been able to crack that code, so for me, it’s about doing niche shows that hopefully have a loyal enough fan base to stay alive," he said.


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