Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Celebuzz 'Hart of Dixie' Preview: Leila Gerstein on Relationship Complications to Come...

Hart of Dixie had Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) make a tough choice in the second season premiere when all of a sudden the young, unlucky in love doctor found herself with two guys knocking on her door (and one doing so literally). 

But when the show returns with new episodes this January, it seems Zoe has an even bigger hurdle to face than simply choosing between two very attractive, very fun men: she has to learn how to be in an actual relationship. 

“Poor Zoe! She has had almost no relationship experience, and she’s really neurotic, and I think we’ll see in this first episode back that they are diving right into it,” Hart of Dixie EP Leila Gerstein said of Zoe and Wade’s step toward being a real, public couple. 

“They are still in their honeymoon period—they haven’t had their first fight yet—and [the episode] is about Zoe freaking out about what to do when the first conflict arises.” 


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