Sunday, January 13, 2013

Celebuzz 'Revenge' Preview: Nick Wechsler on Jack In Jail...And Out Again...

Nick Wechsler has called his Revenge character of Jack Porter "the most relatable guy in the world" and the "moral compass" of the show on more than one occasion, so it certainly didn't surprise him when Jack took the fall for the drugs stashed on his boat that the Hamptons PD thought belonged to baby brother Declan (Connor Paolo). 

Though neither guy was actually guilty, pointing fingers at the Ryan brothers would be bad for the Porters-- and a dear old family friend. And Jack is too good to throw people under the bus like that.

"I would [tell the truth] just because I would not go to f*cking jail for someone else's bullshit!" Wechsler told me when I caught up with him at the ABC TCA party in Los Angeles, Calif.

"But I think he's such a stand-up guy that he doesn't want to take Matt Duncan away from his kids. Ultimately, it would probably all come out. If he goes to jail because he confesses or I out him, then it would ruin his life."


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