Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Celebuzz 'Supernatural' Preview: 2013 Return, "Torn and Frayed"...

Supernatural left off on quite the cliffhanger. Not only was Castiel (Misha Collins) taken out of rotation for a little while, choosing to stay behind and keep an eye on an old hunter friend while Dean (Jensen Ackles) went after Benny (Ty Olsson), but Sam (Jared Padalecki) chased a goose named Amelia (Liane Balaban). 

Though Dean was faking Sam out for the majority of the episode, in the end, Amelia actually did show up in front of Sam, forcing him to finally face his feelings for her. And Dean had to accept that his "blood brother" Benny disappointed him like so many before him. There was certainly a lot left unsaid between the brothers, and series executive producer Jeremy Carver reminded us the back half of the season still has to see the  boys "having it out" regarding their different states of mind. 

"It will happen in typical Supernatural fashion, though. It's not like they're sitting down and talking over tea!" Carver said when we caught up with him before hell-atus.


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