Thursday, January 24, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'The Americans' Advance Review; 'Raising Hope' Wedding Photos; Robbie Amell Joins '1600 Penn'; Mather Zickel Talks 'Newsreaders'...

FX already has one spy series (Archer), but these days they are trying their hand at a much more serious, live-action version with The Americans, in which Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell star as KGB agents planted within a suburban American community, carrying out orders as directed. The Americans draws almost all of its initial suspense and intrigue from physical sequences—of both fighting and sexual kinds—which makes it an unevenly paced pilot event, dragging in many areas and making the viewing experience feel much longer than it actually was. The Americans is sure to be a slow burn, and we’re all for that kind of methodic storytelling with a clear path to the character drama set up from the start, but this is one pilot that just didn’t draw us in... [MORE]

"Lucas Neff & Gregg Binkley preview Raising Hope's wedding & honeymoon in L.A."

Raising Hope is taking full advantage of the fact that they film in Los Angeles but as a series are set elsewhere, in the fictional Natesville. When they want to do a destination episode-- in this case for Jimmy (Lucas Neff) and Sabrina's (Shannon Woodward) honeymoon-- they only need to look in their production's backyard. But in true Raising Hope form, they came up with quite the clever way to warrant a trip for the new Mr. and Mrs. Chance to head west... [MORE]

Robbie Amell spent a good chunk of his early career making a name for himself on comedic series like True Jackson VP and How I Met Your Mother (to this day, Scooby remains one of Robin’s most memorable boyfriends), but as he has matured, so have his roles. He recurred on Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, and most recently popped up in an episode of Hawaii Five-0. His cousin Stephen Amell stars on The CW’s Arrow, a series the younger Amell “would love to get on,” too. Maybe even as Superman? We could see it! For now, though, Amell is excited to return to the challenges of comedy with a role on NBC’s 1600 Penn... [MORE]

"Mather Zickel on the evolved, harder-hitting Newsreaders on Adult Swim"

You may remember Mather Zickel and his Newsreaders anchor role from Children's Hospital's "behind the scenes" episodes in which the audience got to know the actors behind the hospital doctors and nurses on the fictional show within a show. That version of Newsreaders was a little bit more Entertainment Tonight than the new Adult Swim series that premiered earlier this month, though. Instead of diving into celebrity stories or going behind-the-scenes with Newsreaders own correspondents to learn about them as characters, the show is focused on harder-hitting exposes in a parody of just about any and all news anchors in the real life world... [MORE]

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