Friday, January 4, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Archer' Season Four Spoilers; 'Once Upon A Time' Scoop; 'Shameless' Season Premiere Advance Review; 'Beauty and the Beast' Photos of Bridget Regan...

"Archer Live! in Los Angeles reveals season four scoop"

Tonight FX's spy comedy Archer kicked off its live tour in Los Angeles, partially to promote the brand new season starting in just a couple of weeks. Just before the live show started, the cast joked around that they would figure out what Archer Live! was by the time they got to their closing stop, New York. But in actually, the free-form style, coupled with the intimate venue and playfulness of the cast perfectly captured the spirit of the show's heart and humor... [MORE]

"Once Upon A Time producer previews new complications (and characters) to come"

“Snow wants nothing more than to explore a provincial kind of suburban life with Prince Charming…and of course you can therefore assume there will be conflict because not everyone went through what Emma and Snow went through on that journey. They’re kind of separated by worlds metaphorically when they return because they were separated by worlds literally before,” Ginnifer Goodwin said when LA TV Insider Examiner visited the Once Upon A Time set in Vancounver* last fall... [MORE]

Last season, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) was so worried Jimmy-then-Steve (Justin Chatswin) would leave her on Shameless because sooner or later, everyone has always left her. But season three of the Showtime series sets out to show that she may be her own worst enemy because when Jimmy doesn’t leave but in fact does the opposite and begins to take care of her and her household, she gets bored. Fiona wants to be a strong, self-sufficient, independent young woman, sure, but she also values excitement, and there is nothing sexy about a man with a mop! There is also something to be said for the example Fiona had growing up, though, and more than ever, Shameless’ third season is setting out to also showcase how far the apple doesn’t fall from the tree... [MORE

"First Look: Bridget Regan comes to Beauty and the Beast"

The last time we talked with Jay Ryan, he was just working with Bridget Regan on The CW's Beauty and the Beast, but now that episode is just about upon us and we have a glimpse at the former Legend of the Seeker star in "Seeing Red"... [MORE]

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