Thursday, January 3, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Arrow' Return Photos; Darby Stanchfield Talks 'Castle' & 'Scandal'; 'Hawaii Five-0' To Allow Fans to Choose Ending...

There are fourteen brand new episodes of The CW's Arrow coming in this new year, but sadly we still have a few weeks to go before we can dive back into the action (and abs) excitement... [MORE]

Darby Stanchfield has won the hearts of ABC's audience two-fold. Though Castle fans may have never gotten on board with Meredith's cheating or immaturity, it was always hard not to smile when watching Stanchfield fully embody the narcissist, seeing the kind of helpless man-child she brought out in her ex, Castle himself. As Abby Whelan on Scandal, though, Stanchfield gets to be a different kind of strong, smart, sassy woman giving everyone around her a run for their money, but because she has a dark past, you feel for her, as well. ABC has certainly been a great home for Stanchfield of late, and for one very special week, you'll be able to see her take on both different roles nearly back-to-back... [MORE]

"Hawaii Five-0 utilizes social media to allow fans to choose an episode ending"

CBS announced today a big jump forward in the social media game. For one very special episode of one of their series (Hawaii Five-0), CBS will show off the power of fandom by allowing the audience to choose the ending of an episode-- and in real time for both coasts. Crazy right? ... [MORE]

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