Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From LA Examiner: Charisma Carpenter Previews 'The Lying Game'; 'Cougar Town' Season Premiere Review; 'The Following' TCA Live-Blog; 'Archer' Season Three DVD Review...

"Charisma Carpenter talks about Rebecca’s The Lying Game end game"

On a show as full of lies and deceit and duplicity as The Lying Game, we have to admit we have been conditioned to take what characters say to each other with a grain of salt—especially if a character is saying something to Sutton (Alexandra Chando). Everyone knows Sutton can’t be trusted, and you should never let your guard down around her by now, right? Well, maybe not, as Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) seems to have brought the wrong dear daughter into her plan—her real plan... [MORE]

"Cougar Town on TBS is the same edgy cul-de-sac crew we know and love"

During the third season of Cougar Town, then still airing on TBS, Jules (Courteney Cox) lamented the lack of consistency in scheduling by wondering aloud if the cul-de-sac crew would still be all together and around next fall. “What if some new group comes in?” She said. “People will be like ‘They’re not so good.’ And sadly, Jules was right. ABC declined to renew Cougar Town and instead bestowed upon comedy fans a setback in genre with The Neighbors. But such self-aware humor was saved when TBS announced they were picking up Cougar Town, gifting us with the fourth season right after the holidays. It may be months since we have seen the cul-de-sac crew, but jumping back into life with them makes you feel like no time has passed at all. Despite their new location, they are still the same witty wine-drinkers we have come to know and love. And being on a cable network, at a slightly later hour, has only allowed them to elaborate further on the adult in-jokes that have made them a fan favorite... [MORE]

Kevin Williamson's new psychological serial killer drama The Following is finally just around the corner from premiering, so FOX brought its creator and stars to Los Angeles to address the critics, LA TV Insider Examiner included, at the winter 2013 TCA tour. Though we will have more specific show scoop and detailed individual interviews still to come, we live-blogged the Q&A session first, in order to get you as excited for the series as we are... [MORE]

"Archer season three DVD elaborates on "Heart of Archness" & cast chemistry"

Last season of Archer was absolutely the biggest one the show has had to date. The guest star names got bigger-- from Patrick Warburton, to Burt Reynolds, to Bryan Cranston. The storylines became more explosive and emotional-- the season saw Sterling (H. Jon Benjamin) finally meet (and then lose) his likely father, help his mother cover up the murder of an Italian official, fight on top of a train, take on the Yakuza in a drag race, and head into space-- to name a few things! And, of course, it was the year that Adam Reed released a tie-in book written in Sterling's voice. Who wouldn't want to relive that over and over? The release of Archer: The Complete Third Season makes it easy to, but it also makes it about 40% more awesome by enhancing the fan experience with a number of extras... [MORE] 

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