Friday, January 11, 2013

From LA Examiner: Danneel Harris Coming to 'How to Live with Your Parents'; 'Fringe' To Release 'September's Notebook'; 'Happy Endings' S3 Evolution Speak; 'Once Upon A Time' Episode Preview; William H. Macy Talks 'Shameless'; 'Switched at Birth' Planning an All-ASL Episode; 'The Vampire Diaries' Spin-Off In The Works...

"Danneel Harris Ackles to guest on How to Live with Your Parents as [SPOILER]"

In real life Danneel Harris Ackles is about to become a parent, but professionally, her next gig is a guest star spot on Claudia Lonow's new ABC comedy about a woman forced to move back in with own parents, the aptly titled How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life). When we caught up with Lonow and her series star Sarah Chalke at the ABC TCA party in Los Angeles last night, they were excited to share the news of Harris coming in for an important storyline in the first season... [MORE]

"FOX and Warner Bros to release "September's Notebook" from Fringe"


We love a good TV tie-in more than most people, so this morning's announcement from FOX and Warner Brothers about the release of "September's Notebook," from Fringe has us wishing Santa visited more than once a year! ... [MORE]

"Happy Endings EP on Friends similarities, "Year of Max" & Penny's proposal"

We have made it no secret that Happy Endings is one of our favorite comedies on television right now (actually, with Community still on hiatus, it is probably our *most* favorite comedy on television, literally right now). The underrated gem has won our hearts with its colorful cast of characters, ridiculously quotable original lexicon, crazy creative props, and yes, even if unintentional, callbacks to Friends... [MORE]

"Once Upon A Time’s Emilie de Ravin & Eddy Kitsis preview more Rumbelle!"

“We’re going to actually see a lot of Rumple and Belle coming up. [In] the second half of the season, he’s going to collect that favor from Emma, and he’s going to go in search of his son, and he and Belle are definitely going to face challenges. What’s interesting, also, in a way, is Rumple is trying to change for her, and as we all know, sometimes it’s hard to change,” Once Upon A Time executive producer Edward Kitsis said when LA TV Insider Examiner caught up with him in Los Angeles... [MORE

Last fall LA TV Insider Examiner had the pleasure of visiting the Shameless set right here in Los Angeles, and where better to sit down with series star William H. Macy than in Kev’s bar, right? In between takes (though not while sharing a pint), Macy shared with us just how far Frank takes things this season. We always knew he had questionable morals, but season three certainly takes that to a whole new level! ... [MORE

"ABC Family to air all-ASL episode of Switched at Birth"

ABC Family and Switched at Birth are gearing up for a groundbreaking event: an episode told entirely through American Sign Language-- without any spoken dialogue... [MORE]

"The Vampire Diaries to air backdoor pilot for The Originals this spring"

The Vampire Diaries has created quite the compelling vampire mythology backstory with characters like Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and the other Originals, but so far we have only been able to get little snippets of their lives and origins through flashbacks in the very twisty, dark present day drama of Mystic Falls. All that may be changing, though, as this fourth season includes an upcoming episode designed to be a backdoor pilot for a spin-off series of Morgan's own currently titled The Originals... [MORE]

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