Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Happy Endings' Very Special Episode Preview; Ali Wentworth Guest Stars on 'Cougar Town'; 'Smash' Season Two Relationship Talk...

"Happy Endings makes Max a prank master, gets Penny engaged"

We have gradually gotten to know the gang on Happy Endings over the last three years, but they still manage to find ways to surprise us with character quirks and clever antics, and the newest one? Max (Adam Pally) is a prank master. Who knew? ... [MORE]

"Ali Wentworth on Real Housewives inspiration for her Cougar Town guest spot" 

Alexandra Wentworth created and starred in one of LA TV Insider Examiner's favorite half-hour comedies of all time with Head Case on STARZ and has been a writer and performer we have been tracking ever since. And by tracking, we of course mostly mean following on Twitter and hoping to get inspired for our own comedy needs. She may have a Yahoo web series to help with that, and she shared that she is writing a pilot based on her book, but for those of you more interested in traditional TV comedies, she will also be guest starring on Cougar Town as Tom's (Bob Clendenin) new girlfriend... [MORE

There is one question on every Smash fan's mind (or so it seems, judging from our Twitter messages) going into the second season: Now that Karen (Katharine McPhee) has the part of Marilyn in the "Bombshell" musical, and she kicked her cheating boyfriend out, to boot, with Derek (Jack Davenport) is her director, just what will become of the two of them romantically? ... [MORE]

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