Thursday, January 10, 2013

From LA Examiner: Josh Gad and Jason Winer Preview '1600 Penn'; Advance Reviews of 'Archer' and 'Legit'; John Noble Talks 'Fringe' End...

"Josh Gad and Jason Winer help you get to know 1600 Penn’s"

Skip 1600 Penn is NBC’s new ensemble family comedy—where the family just happens to be the First Family. But since the show was developed with comedic actor Josh Gad as his first television vehicle, he is the center of the show at the start. In order for you to fall in love with 1600 Penn, you’re going to have to fall in love with Gad. But according to show executive producer Jason Winer, that should be pretty easy... [MORE]

"Archer S4 spoofs ‘Bob’s Burgers’ before re-entering the Danger Zone"

H. Jon Benjamin has such a commanding voice, he is never asked to disguise it when he gets hired for voiceover work. Unlike many actors who enhance or otherwise tweak their natural sounds in order to create unique cartoon characters, Benjamin is just utterly himself. So maybe it was only a matter of time before one of his shows referenced his other. FX and Adam Reed’s Archer takes full advantage of Benjamin in this way, poking fun at Bob’s Burgers in the season four premiere, but smartly, it is not simply a case of Sterling undercover.... [MORE]

"Mid-Season 2013 Preview: FX’s Legit"

Coming from comedian Jim Jeffries, FX’s newest irreverent comedy, Legit, centers on a struggling comedian (Jeffries) who is inspired to do better things with his life and minute fame after helping a friend’s terminally ill brother (DJ Qualls) get laid for the first time. Nothing about Legit on paper sounded like it would be like a show for LA TV Insider Examiner, but while it absolutely is more “dude oriented” than is usually our cup of tea, it is also extremely sweet and sensitive in a way we just weren’t expecting. The ability to take us by surprise like that and make us feel even harder than it made us laugh is why we can’t wait to see more from Legit... [MORE]

"John Noble previews potential heartbreak for Walter by Fringe's end"

Walter has certainly been through the wringer over the years on Fringe, and this close to the end of the series, surprisingly, things are getting a little easier for him-- even if they may get much worse as the fight to defeat the Observers reaches its breaking point.... [MORE]

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