Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Suburgatory' Script To Screen Review; PaleyFest 2013 Full Line-Up Announced...

"First Look: Suburgatory hosts Tim Meadows, a dance-off & script-to-screen test"

The script for a half-hour network single-camera comedy is usually around thirty pages in length. If you time each page of dialogue to take a minute to show, then that makes the perfect half-hour...if there were no commercial breaks to be built in. So naturally the story gets shaved down a little bit in the editing process, often leaving a number of funny lines or memorable moments for those "deleted scene" extras fans love so much on DVD box sets. It's rare to have an opportunity to go script-to-screen with a series episode past its pilot stage, but just a few months ago, that is exactly what ABC and Warner Brothers Television allowed LA TV Insider Examiner to do with Suburgatory... [MORE]

"PaleyFest 2013 full line-up includes Community, Arrow, Dallas, Parenthood, more"

This morning the Paley Center for Media announced their full PaleyFest 2013 line-up as planned. A number of fan favorite series joined the two-week annual television event held at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills... [MORE]


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