Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Supernatural' LARPing Photos; Stephanie Nogueras Talks New 'Switched at Birth' Role; 'The Following' LA Fan Photo Op; Ryan Rottman Talks 'The Lying Game'; 'Cougar Town's' S4 Destination Episode Revealed; 'Fringe' Series Finale Photos...

The last we saw Charlie (Felicia Day) on Supernatural, she was heading out of town, hoping to never see Dean (Jensen Ackles) or Sam (Jared Padalecki) again after helping them hack into Leviathan King Dick Roman's mainframe. But her path is about to cross with the Winchesters again, and from the looks of things, her experience last year only made her stronger and more bad-ass!... [MORE]

"Stephanie Nogueras, Switched at Birth's 'mean girl', shares her side of the story"

Stephanie Nogueras is brand new to acting, but she certainly isn’t brand new to Switched at Birth. The deaf model was a fan of the show in season one, and when she received the audition notice for a brand new Carlton student character in season two, she decided to jump at the chance to challenge herself—and continue to work for her community in a brand new medium... [MORE]

"FOX creates The Following photo booth opportunity for early fans in L.A."

If you're out walking around Hollywood, and you suddenly see an ominous photo booth set up outside Hollywood & Highland, don't worry; you won't be kidnapped by a serial killer...Well, not a real one anyway. FOX is creating an opportunity for early adopter fans (cough, us, cough) of The Following to put themselves in the story as either a colleague of Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) or a follower of Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). Or both... [MORE]

"Ryan Rottman talks secrets & love triangle to come on The Lying Game"

Like just about every character on The Lying Game, Ryan Rottman's Jordan comes in with an air of mystery about him. It was one thing when he pulled up on a motorcycle, a potential new bad boy in school who caught Mads' (Alice Greczyn)'s eye. It was quite another when he knocked on Rebecca's (Charisma Carpenter) door at the end with a "Hi, mom," catching her by just as much surprise as the audience. So who is Jordan, how trustworthy will be prove to be, and why is he in town? We caught up with Rottman to find out! ... [MORE]

"Los Angeles to act as Cougar Town's season four "destination" episode"

Cougar Town is one of many shows that films here in Los Angeles but is set elsewhere. Though it normally films on the Culver Studios lot, the few occasions they do venture off to use real locations, they have to cheat angles and disguise locations to make it look like Florida. But for one very special moment at the end of season four, that will all change.... [MORE]

"First Look: The Fringe team embarks upon one final mission"

Fringe is coming to a series end this week with a special two-hour television event that includes their 100th episode. It's a milestone moment for the fan favorite series all around, but it is sure to be an intensely emotional one, as well. We have already seen two key characters sacrifices themselves for the Fringe Team's mission and the good of the general population; what other heartbreak will we have to endure before the end? And will the end be happy enough for the hope to override the darkness? ... [MORE]

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