Monday, January 14, 2013

From LA Examiner: Vanessa Marano Talks 'Switched at Birth' S2 Bay Drama; 'Do No Harm' Advance Review; 'The Following' Advance Review; 'Arrow' Photo Preview + EP Interview...

"Vanessa Marano talks Carlton, Angelo, and Emmett for Switched at Birth S2"

Bay (Vanessa Marano) has been through the wringer on Switched at Birth. Before she even found out she had different biological parents in the world than the ones who raised her, she was having a tough time at home and at school, trying to find her place and do her art, and still feel apart of something with those around her. But since the switch she had more moments of spiral—some which she brought on herself and some which just happened to her. She was cheated on; she fell in with a bad crowd; she ran away from home; she didn’t care much about school at all. But at the end of it all, she got something she desperately needed from the one parental figure in her life who’s support she arguably needed the most, and it set her on a better path... [MORE]

"Mid-Season 2013 Preview: NBC's Do No Harm; Watch the pilot now!"

Looking for a more mature Beast than the one The CW currently has to offer? NBC’s Do No Harm offers an alternative in Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale), a renowned doctor by day who has an alternate personality who takes over every night, literally like clockwork, at 8:25 p.m. His Ian Price is the most narcissistic, primal, and aggressive version of himself, and in order to curb his activities, Jason drugs himself every night so Ian does not come out. But when we meet him in the pilot, the drugs no longer work, and Jason is sent down a rabbit hole, scrambling to find a way to cover up this other identity. Do No Harm is most interesting when looked at on the psychological level of the hows and the whys of Jason and Ian’s behavior. Essentially, they are two sides to the same man, each side repressing elements he doesn’t like about himself that then are only allowed to manifest in the other man, and to the extreme. If you consider Do No Harm a cautionary tale about self-repression, well, suddenly we’re all our own worst enemies... [MORE]

For a while there, television started to move away from the deeply dark and flawed anti-hero characters at the center of dramas, but then the 2012 pilot season came along, and there they were, splashed across every network but much more than just brooding. Kevin Williamson has taken this concept and perfected it for FOX with The Following, a cable-worthy psychological thriller that is going to challenge what you thought they could do on network television... [MORE]

"Arrow EP previews a new kind of moral gray area for Oliver and his list" 

The first half of Arrow's first season on The CW saw the vigilante faithfully following his father's list, going after the names on it in the name of justice and taking down corruption. But Oliver's (Stephen Amell) encounter with the Dark Archer (John Barrowman) opened his eyes to the fact that sometimes what we think or believe isn't always the whole picture, and now series executive producer Marc Guggenheim previewed, Oliver's going to widen his scope of targets, but also start to see more of a gray area when it comes to the names on his list and just how "bad" they may actually be... [MORE]

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