Sunday, January 6, 2013

NBC TCA Talk: NBC Picks Up 'Camp'; Jennifer Salke Talks 'Up All Night'; 'Hannibal' News; 'Deception', 'Do No Harm', & 'Smash' Season Two Previews...

Today at the start of NBC's TCA tour in Los Angeles, the peacock network announced the pick up of drama series Camp for a thirteen episode first season, expected to debut in Summer 2013... [MORE]

"Jennifer Salke addresses the Up All Night revamp"

Back in October 2012, we brought you the news that NBC was revamping Up All Night as a multi-camera sitcom. We pointed out then that this worried us because the network basically wanted to make a completely new show, and this one might not be what the show's creator and executive producer Emily Spivey wanted to make. Her original vision had already been changed a number of times, most notably taking out the workplace element of the "woman struggling to balance work with new motherhood" concept. Now Spivey has stepped down from Up All Night. Spivey has stepped down from her own show... [MORE]

Earlier this morning at the NBC TCA tour in Los Angeles, Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt and President of Entertainment Jennifer Salke took some time to address one highly anticipated new drama series that is still yet to be on their schedule, Hannibal.... [MORE

When Deception was first pitched to NBC, it was clear that the affluent, secret-filled family was going to be a white one, so Entertainment President Jennifer Salke insisted that there be a diverse woman in the main role of Detective Joanna Locasto in order to expand the worldview of the show, but also the possibility of the audience attraction, as well. Enter Meagan Good, who Salke called a "passionate lead" and someone "[you] can't take your eyes off of"... [MORE]

Do No Harm is being called a procedural by its network, but to be honest, we would take offense and disagreement with that. At the center of the series, as executive producer David Schulner and star Steven Pasquale, though is this man with two very separate, distinct, and really, polar opposite personalities, and each week is about the balance between repression and covering up and pretending to maintain some sense of normalcy. Yes, one of Pasquale's personalities is a doctor, but the show does not live and breathe entirely in the medical world, as his alter, Ian, takes him into the dregs of the criminal community.... [MORE]

"We're very excited about the second season [of Smash]. I guess my only worry is not having a strong lead-in, as it did in the first season...The show, for us was an unqualified success in its first season, and all I want to do is continue that into its second season. In some big ways, it's a different show, but it's also very much the same show," NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt addressed the critics, LA TV Insider Examiner included, during the peacock network's TCA tour today in Los Angeles.... [MORE]

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