Saturday, January 12, 2013

TCA Talk: 'Elementary' Season Evolution; Showtime Says Good-Bye to 'The Big C'...

When Elementary first premiered on CBS, much of the focus was on the Sherlock Holmes spin the show was simply putting on yet another procedural for the network. But Holmes is such an iconic (and specific) character that regardless of how interesting the cases had to be to hook your typical procedural fan, the quirks of the character in solving the cases were what really counted. And as the rest of the first season unfolds, series creator and executive producer Rob Doherty promised the character dynamics will be what really drive the show... [MORE]

"Showtime says good-bye to The Big C in Los Angeles"

The Big C will be ending its series with a special, four episode, four hour event, taking Cathy's (Laura Linney) story from the months of September through May as she struggles with the decision to stop chemo treatments, spend time with her loved ones, and meet a few new colorful characters along the way. Each season of The Big C that has ended without knowing if the show would return for another installment carried a greater weight than with most shows because of the seriousness of Cathy's situation and the looming question of whether or not she could beat this thing. Season three was no different, and although its open-ended finale with Cathy sailing off on a boat could have allowed audiences to envision a peaceful-- and perhaps tropical-- life, regardless of how long it ended up being, it was extremely important to series creator Darlene Hunt to tell a bit more story, to give everyone-- the cast and crew included-- a sense of closure...... [MORE]

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