Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TCA Talk: FX's 'The Americans' and Netflix's 'Arrested Development'...

"FX TCA Talk: The Americans EPs preview their new Cold War relationship drama"

The Americans, FX's new live-action spy drama is going to ask its audience to dig deep and do something seemingly impossible: root for the KGB leading up to the Cold War. Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell play Russian spies in the series, implanted in a small, suburban community as a husband and a wife who have integrated so well they even have two children together to seem like your all-American couple. But though they kick around the soccer ball with their son and pierce their daughter's ears by night, by day they are poisoning hostages and planting bugs in officials' offices to get intel back to their mother country... [MORE]

We're going to spare you all of the nerdy Arrested Development quotes we've been word-vomiting since learning Netflix would be presenting a panel for their brand new season of the show at TCA tour in Los Angeles. What we are proud to present you, though, is a live-blog of that Q&A session so you can nerd out with us if you're so inclined. No, we didn't wear cut-offs (but we thought about it!), but hopefully our professionalism and restraint will be rewarded with a frozen banana. Or a tub of diamond cream... [MORE]

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