Monday, February 18, 2013

DanielleTBD Takes...Texas?

Congratulate me, you guys! I'm an official Semi-Finalist for ATX Television Festival's Pitch Competition (presented with Final Draft)!

Late last year I decided to enter this pitch competition for the second annual Austin Television Festival because I was getting nowhere with trying to find representation for my pilot script out here, on my own, and I equally couldn't get meetings at studios without having an agent submit-- or a well-known showrunner/EP already attached. ATX has attached a number of acclaimed writers and producers (Liz Tigelaar, Bill Lawrence, Kyle Killen, to name a few) to judge this contest, so I figured it couldn't hurt attempting this unorthodox way to get them to see my idea. 

The show I submitted to this competition is called The It Couple, and oddly, it is not one I have talked much about here. Maybe it's my paranoia that someone will see the idea on this blog and do their own version, only to sell it first-- or maybe it's because it's loosely based on some people I know-- but I've kept this one kind of close to the chest. The show is designed as an hour long relationship dramedy for a network with a core demographic of women 18-34. At this point, I feel like it would be a great fit on The CW, ABC Family, MTV, or hopefully even "regular" ABC. It's focused on a young, unconventional couple in Hollywood and is a story of people bringing out the best in each other and a look at how complicated modern relationships can be. It’s also a story of lies, perception, betrayal, and playing with the idea of truth, integrity, and love, and how society traditionally defines all of those things. 

ATX wanted a pitch under 90 seconds, which if you know me-- or if you watch my vodcasts-- being concise is difficult! I don't love just sitting in front of a camera, talking at it, so I was only present in the intro and outro, explaining the show. The middle "meat" part of the pitch was my voice-over, going into greater detail about my characters and season one arcs, while the images on screen changed between photos of the "types" for each major player. 

... I know that really doesn't tell you much. I'm deliberately trying not to say too much at this point. Depending on how the results of the competition turn out, I may be able to post my pitch video here so you can see what about it worked-- and judge the show idea for yourself. But for now, please just wish me luck. This is a show that has been rattling around in my brain for awhile now, and I've been trying to pitch it on my own for over a year-- but this is the first bite of success I feel like I've had. It's certainly not a traditional way to get yourself heard or your stuff read, but hey, nothing I've ever done in my career has been the traditional way, and most of it has been that way on purpose!

Besides, the timing couldn't be more perfect, as I find myself currently looking for employment, toying with the idea of just going back into production at least part time anyway. Is this a sign I should? Maybe. Or maybe it's just a sign that I need to take the "it can't hurt" attitude as my own personal mantra and motto more often.

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