Thursday, February 7, 2013

From LA Examiner: Bridget Regan Talks 'Beauty and the Beast'; Benjamin Stockham Talks '1600 Penn' & 'Once Upon A Time'; 'Cult' Advance Review...

Bridget Regan was absolutely a fan favorite on Legend of the Seeker, but she has joined Beauty and the Beast as "the other woman," so to speak. The show was setting up a love story between Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan), and just when it seemed like the two were actually going to try to make a romance work, they crossed paths with Alex (Regan), Vincent's ex. Old feelings surfaced, despite Vincent keeping a major part of his new life secret, and an extremely complex love triangle was born. Usually we'd say that it's tough to compete with a long-lost true love, but here there are other elements at play-- supernatural elements that could actually cool Alex's sparks for Vincent if she knew what he really was these days... [MORE]

Benjamin Stockham is quite the comedy veteran for a kid his age. He played the precocious younger brother in Sons of Tucson a few years ago, and these days he is finding himself in the same position on NBC's 1600 Penn. As Xander, the youngest of the First Family Gilchrist clan, Stockham has stolen scenes (and hearts) with storylines about sibling rivalry, the little lies parents tell that get out of hand, and soon, a Presidential campaign of his very own... [MORE]

"Mid-Season 2013 Preview: The CW's Cult"

Everyone is reluctant to say too much about The CW’s new meta drama, Cult. From the actors to the creator himself, words have been chosen very carefully when describing the series because to say too much would make the audience see exactly what’s coming and might take the fun out of the twists. But in all honesty, if the only thing interesting or well-done about a show are those red herrings and surprise moments, then the show as a whole just isn’t all that great. What really separates the okay series from the fantastic ones are the character details and story nuances that allow the audience to enjoy the ride whether they know what to expect or not. After all, after you see the episode once, you know exactly what happens in it, but you should want to go back and view it again, right? And a series like Cult almost requires extra viewings—to ensure that everything that comes later was properly set up from the get-go. This is not a show that can fly by the seat of its pants and make things up as they go along, even if at times it may feel like that’s what they’re doing... [MORE]

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