Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From LA Examiner: Kevin Williamson Talks 'The Following' Shock Value; 'Smash's' New Boys Speak...

Cue the outraged Parents Television Council emails in three, two, one... Tonight's episode of The Following ended in a way that personally really intrigued us. The idea of teaching a kid to kill could be gratuitous, or it could be the next piece in this psychological puzzle. Can you even teach a kid to kill, or does the desire have to be within them the whole time? It's an interesting nature versus nurture experiment. And in the case of The Following, it's also an interesting parallel to Jacob's (Nico Tortorella) predicament... [MORE]

"Jeremy Jordan previews his new Smash role, chemistry with Katharine McPhee"

Smash season two is setting out to make a star from a young bartender-slash-musician Jimmy, but the series doesn't need to make a star out of his portrayer, Jeremy Jordan. He already is a star, capturing attention and accolades from his time in the cast of Newsies... [MORE]

"Andy Mientus talks relationship drama and overnight fame on Smash"

When Smash introduces its new playwrights in season two, they are young and energetic and really just starting out in the business but with bright futures ahead of them-- if they can meet the right people and get the right breaks. And it is all thanks to Kyle (Andy Mientus) that their often-talked-about dreams are actually on the verge of becoming a reality. But it doesn't come without a price potentially larger than any gains... [MORE]

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