Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From LA Examiner: Meet Anthony Ruivivar on 'Southland'; Dillon Casey Previews Division Life on 'Nikita'; Melissa Rosenberg & Radha Mitchell Talk Flawed Females + Families in 'Red Widow'...

TNT's Southland is no stranger to mixing its partners up, never wanting the audience to get too comfortable-- with the relationship dynamics or the situations into which the characters are thrown everyday on the job. So it wasn't surprising to see John Cooper's latest trainee just quit on him early on. Out of that dissolved partnership comes a much more interesting, challenging one anyway. Cooper decides he is done with the boots for awhile and just wants to "be a cop" with another guy who knows what he's doing having his back. Enter Anthony Ruivivar... [MORE]

"Dillon Casey previews Sean's "bad few weeks" on Nikita + trouble with Alex!?"

The CW's Nikita always zigs where you think it will zag and vice versa, and in doing so, it often switches up the character standings and dynamics. When Amanda (Melinda Clarke) set it up to look like Sean (Dillon Casey) was a murderer, the new Division had to do some quick thinking and even quicker footwork to save Sean-- by killing him to the outside world. Though Sean ultimately agreed to let his friends help him, he couldn't hide the reservations written on his face about faking his own death and joining the institution he always hated... [MORE]

"Melissa Rosenberg & Radha Mitchell preview Red Widow (VIDEO)"

ABC may be single-handedly shooting down the argument that there aren’t strong female-centric series on network television these days, as they are about to debut Red Widow, which comes from acclaimed executive producer Melissa Rosenberg and stars Radha Mitchell as a woman forced to make some tough decisions to save her family. While Mitchell’s Marta is certainly tougher than most, the series is not going to shy away from her flaws or her dark side, characteristics which Rosenberg feels make shaping new characters the most fun... [MORE]


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