Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From LA Examiner: Robert Knepper Talks 'Cult'; 'Golden Boy' Advance Review; Exclusive Donnie Wahlberg Video; Tyler Posey Previews 'Teen Wolf' S3 + Premiere Date...

It’s a bit eerie how closely Robert Knepper’s own career has mirrored that of his new Cult character Roger Reeves. As T-Bag on Prison Break, Knepper couldn’t walk down the street without strangers giving him the side-eye, slightly forgetting that the man in front of him is not actually a sadistic criminal. As Billy Grimm on the "Cult" series within Cult, everyone, including the main character Jeff (Matt Davis) assumes Roger is just as manipulative as Billy. In fact, it will be easy for fans of The CW’s Cult to lose Roger in Billy Grimm in the beginning of the series, too. We get to know the fictional character who may be influencing some very terrible, very real events immediately in the pilot, but in truth Knepper has to tackle two guys within the series, and there’s a chance they could not be more different... [MORE]

Walter Clark (Theo James) has a chip on his shoulder. Having been on his own, on the streets, from the age of nine, as he says “stealing food for him and his sister and then working two jobs,” he has a strong sense of what he wants and more importantly, what he feels is owed to him. He’s impulsive, angry, a bit arrogant, and worse absolutely ambitious. All of these qualities could make him the best cop in the NYPD, or it could make him the dirtiest. CBS' Golden Boy pretty much lives or dies on Walter’s shoulders, and while James is a natural leading man, he is not enough to save this from the clunky tropes of a simple cop show trying too hard to be more meaningful than that. Not to mention how hard it can be to enjoy watching a show when you want to kick the main character’s cocky little teeth in... [MORE]

"Exclusive: Behind-the-scenes with Donnie Wahlberg for Boston's Finest"

Donnie Wahlberg may just be the busiest man in show business. We'd even say he's busier than Seacrest. Between his dramatic starring role on CBS and his constant New Kids on the Block touring and recording, he is already doing the jobs of multiple men, but he's about to add reality producer extraordinaire to his ever-growing list of current credits, with Boston's Finest, coming to TNT... [MORE]

"MTV announces Teen Wolf S3 return; Tyler Posey previews new Scott + new Alphas"

MTV has announced a premiere date for the super-sized season three of Teen Wolf, so who better than to bring you some new season scoop than the show's star, Tyler Posey!? LA TV Insider Examiner was on-set with Posey (and the rest of the Teen Wolf crew, but we'll get to them closer to premiere) in Los Angeles recently to see what everyone's favorite Beacon Hills High werewolves, hunters, and laymen have been up to... [MORE]


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