Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Suburgatory' Celebrates Valentine's Day; Regina King & Dorian Missick Preview 'Southland' S5; 'Community', 'Supernatural', & 'Arrow' Photo Previews...

"First Look: What to expect for Suburgatory's couples on Valentine's Day"

It's Valentine's Day in Chatswin, and just about everyone is going all out for the person in his or her life-- or the possibility of the person in his or her life. What should you expect from the relationships on Suburgatory on this very special episode? LA TV Insider Examiner was on set to bring you the scoop! ... [MORE]

Detective Lydia Adams (Regina King) has a tendency to go through her partners quickly from season to season on TNT's Southland, but it looks like Ruben (Dorian Missick) is sticking around for a potentially long haul. The two have become friends, in addition to professional partners, and as we spend more time in the car with them, we will see that friendship deepen and evolve as they're comfortable saying things to each other that others wouldn't... [MORE]

"First Look: Community heads to an Inspector Spacetime convention"

Last weekend, fans of NBC's Community gathered in Los Angeles for the first ever fan convention for their favorite show, and as if the show itself knew of the monumental event, it is delivering an episode devoted to a fan convention in just a few days. In "Conventions of Space and Time," the entire study group joins Abed (Danny Pudi) and Troy (Donald Glover) at InspecTiCon-- the annual Inspector Spacetime Convention... [MORE]

"First Look: Guest stars galore in Supernatural's "Remember The Titans"

The CW's Supernatural has dealt with characters not realizing the level of their importance before. In fact, even Kevin (Osric Chau) falls into that category as a most recent example. But in "Remember the Titans" things go a little farther... [MORE]

"First Look: The Merlyn family fights (to stay alive) together on Arrow"
We've seen Oliver (Stephen Amell) be quite ruthless when it comes to his own brand of justice in Starling City on The CW's Arrow, and we've certainly gotten a sense of both Moira (Susanna Thompson) and Malcolm's (John Barrowman) own senses of how far they'll go to protect themselves and their loved ones. But soon, that is trickling down to yet another offspring in Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell)... [MORE]

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