Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Suburgatory' End of Season 2 Spoilers; Michael Cudlitz Talks About 'Southland'; Colton Haynes talks 'Arrow'...

One of the things LA TV Insider Examiner has always loved, respected, and admired about ABC and Emily Kapnek’s Suburgatory is that it is not “just” another sitcom. Yes, it is a half-hour (format) series heavily based in comedic elements. In that way, it is not afraid to take big, bold sweeps at broad comedy, like Dalia (Carly Chaikin) and Tessa (Jane Levy) getting into a dance-off. But underneath the jokes is a whole lot of heart and some very serious character arcs that allow for growth. To use the dance-off as a continued example, that all spurred out of Dalia not feeling like she could match up to Tessa because Tessa is better at her than everything from school to driving... [MORE

Michael Cudlitz has always called his TNT Southland character Officer John Cooper a "lovable a**hole" but also a "particular a**hole" when he's training, and his season five trainee is not only someone he does not particularly gel with but also someone whom he feels is not quite right for the job in general. Add that to the fact that personally, Cooper is kind of a mess, with his boyfriend leaving him and his post-rehab occasional drinking, and season five may be a turning point for Cooper. Not only may he be pushed to his limits with "the boots," but Cudlitz pointed out that he is assessing his life in a much larger way... [MORE]

"Colton Haynes talks about his "smart ass" Roy Harper on Arrow"

Yet another member of the Queen family on The CW's Arrow is about to be targeted by a sort-of villain when Colton Haynes' version of Roy Harper steals the scene (pun intended). But he is hardly some fat cat, twirling an evil mustache, worthy of being crossed off of The Arrow's list. Roy Harper (Haynes) is a kid from the wrong side of Starling City-- the part that Oliver (Stephen Amell) had noted had fallen apart when he first returned. Growing up in poverty has hardened Roy and made him act badly out of necessity, but he is about to glimpse a much different kind of life by his interaction with Thea Queen (Willa Holland)... [MORE]

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