Wednesday, February 27, 2013

'Happy Endings' Ushers In A New TGIF on ABC...

When I was a kid, TGIF was everything. I'd go over to a friend's house, and we'd order pizza and camp out in front of the TV for all of our favorites: Full House, Step by Step, whatever. But like I said, this was when I was a kid. Around age twelve it stopped being cool to hang out in someone's house on Friday nights. My friends were joining teen clubs (hanging out in a random rec room or basement, really) or going to keg parties the high school kids threw in the park. Admittedly the keg parties were never really my style-- even these days, I prefer a quiet night in or dinner with friends to some kind of crazy rager or club night. So Happy Endings moving to Friday nights gives me personally an excuse to stay in or have a gang hang 'round the TV like the days of yesteryear.

But then again, I like watching "live" TV more than most. 

Intellectually, working in the entertainment business, I know how bad a Friday night at 8 p.m. time slot can be for a show. Shows are often sent there to be burned off or because a network doesn't have high hopes for a show's performance on any night, and something has to go there, so it might as well be something that doesn't pull in massive numbers or ad sales anyway, right? Well, I think that's a crappy way of thinking about it, and I'm going to start looking at the new hour of Happy Endings on Fridays as being a mature version of TGIF. 

Yes, yes, I know that's, in a way, what ABC was doing earlier this season with Last Man Standing and Malibu Country, but at least now the "F" in that equation will stand for Friday and Funny.

The cast of Happy Endings is with me on the TGIF thing. They had a few other things to say about their move when I was on set with them this week. I think I like Adam Pally's sentiment best:

"Happy Endings was built and made to play whenever you want to see it, and that's why it's such a fun show-- because you can pop it in and enjoy the jokes and enjoy the characters at any time."

So let's all make a pact to watch Happy Endings on Fridays-- if not live, at least DVR and view multiple times over the weekend! Some of my other favorite shows have come back from Friday night "death" slots, so here's hoping Happy Endings will, too. If so, it may just prove to be ABC's pinch-hitter, ala CBS and Rules of Engagement. But again, actually funny.

Happy Endings moves to Fridays at 8 on March 29 2013.

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