Friday, February 22, 2013

Introducing the Revamped 'Danielle's Dish' Spoiler Column...

Once upon a time, I used "Danielle's Dish" as a tag for the more spoiler-y of my specific episode preview posts on my LA Examiner column. I asked readers on Twitter to submit questions about the next episode of X show, which I was screening in advance, and I would do the best to give the people the answers they were seeking...without completely giving away the episode's secrets. Now, though, I am reviving that idea into a brand new, more general spoiler column. Yes, I'm diving into the dark side!

I screen so much TV in advance of airing, and I chat with so many wonderful talent in the world of television, I often find out great tidbits that might not make it into their own individual articles but are certainly still worth sharing. You, my lovely readers, are still welcome to submit questions through Twitter, but you won't be limited to one specific show or episode at a time. Ask anything, about any show, and where I can, I will include it in this column, which I am aiming to post bi-weekly, with the shows discussed varying each time. If there's a show I've been leaving out that you want explored, comment, and I will bring it to you the next time.

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