Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Have Thoughts: 'Raising Hope', 'Supernatural', 'Fringe', and 'Arrow' Quick Comments...

When We Have Thoughts takes a look at specific scenes or moments that inspired conversation, the intention is to keep them quick. Not quite "snap judgements" but short and sweet mentions nonetheless. Well, if you know Marisa or I personally, you know that is not an easy feat. We have a lot of thoughts, hence starting the vodcast at all. And when you put our thoughts together, we end up diving deeper than we would have if we just sat with those thoughts and stewed solo-ly. 

This time around, We Have Thoughts is looking at a few key elements of the most recent episodes of Raising Hope, Supernatural, Arrow, and yes, a little bit more about Fringe. Because the show may be over, but it still lives on in our hearts.

Raising Hope




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