Wednesday, March 27, 2013

From LA Examiner: Alan Tudyk Talks 'Suburgatory'; 'Nashville' Gunnar & Scarlett Spoilers; 'How To Live with Your Parents' Advance Review; CBS Renews Almost Everything...

"Alan Tudyk previews single Suburgatory life & affirmative action for gingers?"
Although ABC's Suburgatory has spent ample screen time showcasing Noah's (Alan Tudyk) love for Carmen (Bunnie Rivera), from his realization that life is just too short to his attempts at wooing via a mariachi band, there is still a small part of us that can't help but wonder if he is actually in love with her or he just likes the idea of her and the way she cares for him... [MORE]

The characters of Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and Scarlett (Clare Bowen) on ABC's Nashville have such crazy chemistry it was clear from the moment they sang together in the pilot episode that they were something special. But as episodes have unfolded this first season, it is not just their music where they have sparked. They developed a deep friendship turned roommate situation in which they looked out for each other and comforted each other when things weren't going well. And things are certainly not going well for Gunnar right now, having just lost his brother. But sleeping with Scarlett may not prove to be the key so many fans hope it will be to make him smile again and to kick start a romantic relationship with them... [MORE]

Having to move back in with my parents was my own personal nightmare ever since I moved out in the first place, so the idea is not something I would imagine ever getting to the point where I could laugh over it. Yet, Claudia Lonow's version of a woman having to do just that (with her young daughter by her side) is clever and chock full of very specific characters that I am actually able to sit back and enjoy the idea without projecting myself onto the situation. How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) takes what could be a very broad, schticky concept and humanizes it, finding a lot of heart within a lot of comic relief neuroses... [MORE]

"CBS renews just about everything for 2013-2014"

CBS has renewed just about everything on its current line-up for the new television season today... [MORE]

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